1 Source ANIA – L’assicurazione italiana nel , page , with some companies as anticipated by the related CCNL (National. CCNL: the National Collective Labour Contracts stipulated by ANIA and the trade union associations most . /, by Law 69/ and by. Symbol, CCNL1, contributors: mct/pgu – updated: cyclin L ania-6a. cyclin L gamma. Synonym symbol(s), BM, CCNL, PRO, ania-6a.

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Lobbyists with EP accreditation: In this respect, IVASS, as a result of numerous protests received fcnl insurers complaining about companies’ refusal to grant them an early termination of insurance contracts of multi-annual duration, invited all insurance companies, by 31 Decemberto ‘specifically and with adequate graphic evidence’, indicate in the policy whether the insured benefited from a discount because of its long duration and the fact that, owing to the discount applied, the policyholder cannot exercise the right of early withdrawal from the contract for the first five years of the contract.

The Italian Constitutional Court declared such Decree unconstitutional for its abuse of power; 42 therefore, the government issued Decree-Law No. Therefore, there is no need for collateral to allow a deduction from the liabilities stated on the reinsured company’s statutory financial statement.

A basic familiarity with international product liability is essential to doing business in this environment. Litigation proceedings include first instance trial, an appeal and possibly a final appeal to the Court of Cassation for procedural 22012 or errors in the application of the law in the second instance judgment.

The Jobs Act and the two Decrees came into force on 1 March This regulation lays down rules and minimal requirements to promote more effective management of insurance e-commerce or services offered electronically through insurance portals or the website of insurance and reinsurance companies. Along with the improving economic situation in andthe enhanced efficiency of the judicial system through the amalgamation of small courts, the introduction of the Electronic Civil Process and the encouraging of alternative dispute resolution should continue to benefit the insurance market.

Should the insured not make a timely notification or not enforce its right to the indemnity within two years from the loss event, any right under the policy will be covered by the statute of limitation.

SeekQuence Product Search

The distribution of insurance products in Italy is usually done through intermediaries, but in rare and limited cases insurance can be acquired directly from the insurer at the registered office agency.

The dates of all hearings are set ex anai by the judge depending on his or her workload.

Among other controversies, the law mentions disputes relating to insurance contracts, and to compensation for damage caused by the circulation of vehicles, by medical malpractice, and because of the liability of directors and officers.


Formal arbitration can, however, guarantee a first instance decision in a relatively short time between six months and one year in the vast majority of the casesas against the lengthy proceedings in a court of law between two and 10 years. The Product Regulation and Liability Review. The tax currently due is up to 20 per cent of the capital gain, but is reduced to This special section contains information on natural persons and companies licensed as insurance and reinsurance intermediaries in other EU or EEA Member States who have also been authorised by the regulator to pursue insurance mediation in Italy based on the freedom of establishment or freedom of services.

In Italy, only admitted insurers are entitled to provide insurance. In completing the proposal, the prospective insured must answer truthfully and completely to avoid being sanctioned for wilful non-disclosure according to Article of the Civil Code or negligent non-disclosure according to Article of the Civil Code.

The Banking Litigation Law Review. Meetings with European Commission: Expert groups European Commission none. Then, IVASS provided for imposed administrative fines and the application ccjl disciplinary sanctions in respect of insurance and reinsurance intermediaries and the rules of functioning for the Guarantee Committee supervising the sanction proceedings.

Associazione Nazionale fra le Imprese Assicuratrici (ANIA)

In fact, any change to Italy’s credit rating generates a change in the rating of the Italian insurance industry. With this new ccbl dispute resolution, the parties, with the assistance of one or more lawyers acting as facilitator, should try to negotiate a solution to their existing controversy within a period of three months. The Patent Litigation Law Review.

In the first hearing, the judge checks that all the necessary parties are present. If so, the judge will fix a specific date to swear in the court expert, and to give instructions about the scope anua object of the expert testimony. Similar to any 20012 gain, financial yields resulting from life insurance contracts and capitalisation are subject to the substitutive tax provided for in Article 26 ter of Decree No.

Italy – The Insurance and Reinsurance Law Review – Edition 6 – The Law Reviews

On Arbitration Articles — The Renewable Energy Law Review. It is evident that, despite the difficulties in relaunching the internal economy, 22012 remains a fertile ground for insurance underwriters, and provides interesting opportunities for prudent insurers and reinsurers especially in the newly developing cyber and data protection insurance markets. A lack of notice or late notice does not permit the insurer to deny liability unless prejudice has been suffered, and in this case the denial shall be proportional to reflect the prejudice suffered.

The insurance market should benefit from both the national increase in the number of cyberattacks and the European General Data Protection Regulation GDPR implementation in May that will introduce a stringent requirement to prevent and then notify data breaches, imposing large fines for unprevented data breaches. The Financial Technology Law Review.


Typically, the entire litigation lasts from two to three years in first instance, cxnl a little less at first appeal and before the Court of Cassation. Currently, the reserves are considered and regulated by the Private Insurance Code.

Lloyd’s syndicates are the sole exception, and they have been specially authorised because of their particular historical status and in accordance with the fundamental freedoms of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. An IVASS order refusing the authorisation is notified to the company by means of a registered letter with advice of receipt within six months from the date of the complete application with all documents required by law or with the additional documents and information requested by the authority.

In Italy, the source of insurance and reinsurance law is statutory. The Energy Regulation and Markets Review. These positive factors continue to be offset by the higher risks inherent in ccnp investment portfolios of life insurance companies, given the significant concentration of government bonds and corporate debt, a reflection of the strong relationship between fcnl rating of the insurance sector and the sovereign one.

An example, according to which the freedom of the parties is limited, is in their choice of international jurisdiction, which in relation to the insurance shall be cxnl in accordance with the the provisions of Section 3 Articles 10—16 of Cccnl Regulation EC No.

Once the evidentiary phase is over, the case enters into the decision phase with a hearing where the court abia the parties’ arguments. An understanding of the international framework will provide thoughtful manufacturers and distributors with a strategic advantage in this increasingly competitive area.

In brief, premiums are not subject to value added tax but to an insurance tax that varies for each class of insurance in accordance with the fixed percentage ccln forth by Law No.

New insurance and reinsurance companies that wish to undertake or start a new business in Italy can do so only after being authorised fcnl licensed by IVASS through an order if the undertaking has its head office in Italyor by an acknowledgement of the formal communication made by the company along with confirmation of the supervisory authority of the state where the company has its registered office.