Cazando Un Elefante by. George Orwell,. Myriam E. Friedenthal (Translator). avg rating — 6, ratings — published — 25 editions. Want to Read. Buy Cazando un elefante by George Orwell (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Essays, Joumalism and Letters oi George Orwell’ edited by Sonia. Orwell and Ian Angus, . George Orwell, Cazando un elefante, trans. Myrian E. Friedesthal .

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After the cazsndo of winters we have had to endure recently, the spring does seem miraculous, because it has become gradually harder and harder to believe that it is actually going to happen.

Its periodical resurrection was a sacred process volume I, page E -Theosophy e-group offers a regular study of the classic, intercultural theosophy taught by Helena P.

Myriam E. Friedenthal (Translator of Cazando Un Elefante)

His main political objective, the peaceful ending of British rule, had after all been attained. Secondly, if possible, no sexual intercourse. Wherefore, then, should you emerge on dark nights from your abodes with lanterns and murderous weapons, in order to catch these useful and innocent beings? Though but diminutive creatures, they are, nevertheless, not unlike human beings in their external form, and even in the moral nature. At the same time there is reason to think that Gandhi, who after all was born indid not understand the nature of totalitarianism and saw everything in terms of his own struggle against the British government.

To an ordinary human being, love means nothing if it does not mean loving some people more than others. First of all, no meat-eating, and if possible no animal food in any form. Frequently one comes upon shapeless masses of ten or twenty toads rolling over and over in the water, one clinging to another without distinction of sex. In relation to the late war [1]one question that every pacifist had a clear obligation to answer was: Debe de haber cientos de miles, si no millones, de aves que viven dentro del radio de cuatro millas, y es agradable pensar que ninguna de ellas paga un penique de renta.

For instance, it is clear even from the autobiography that his natural physical courage was quite outstanding: On the other hand, this was done by a Labour government, and it is certain that a Conservative government, especially a government headed by Churchill, would have acted differently. Algo, una especie de temblor en la tierra, o tal vez simplemente un ascenso de temperatura de unos cuantos grados, le ha indicado que es tiempo de despertarse.

The autobiography leaves it uncertain whether Gandhi behaved in an inconsiderate way to his wife and children, but at any rate it makes clear that on three occasions he was willing to let his wife or a child die rather than administer the animal food prescribed by the doctor. George Orwell left writes a unique and polemical essay on Mahatma Gandhi.


P ublished in by The Aquarian Theosophistthe volume has pages and can be obtained through Amazon Books. This is unquestionably true. And though he came of a poor middle-class family, started life rather unfavorably, and was probably of unimpressive physical appearance, he was not afflicted by envy or by the feeling of inferiority.

Is gratitude a factor in international politics? At about the time when the autobiography first appeared I remember reading its opening chapters in the ill-printed pages of some Indian newspaper.

Medieval literature, for instance, including the popular ballads, is full of an almost Georgian enthusiasm for Nature, and the art of agricultural peoples such as the Chinese and Japanese centres always round trees, birds, flowers, rivers, mountains.

It is curious that when he was assassinated, many of his warmest admirers exclaimed sorrowfully that he had lived just long enough to see his life work in ruins, because India was engaged in a civil war which had always been foreseen as one of the byproducts of the transfer of power.

Even after he had completely abjured violence he was honest enough to see that in war it is usually necessary to take sides. It entailed such things as civil disobedience, strikes, lying down in front of railway trains, enduring police charges without running away and without hitting back, and the like.

I mention the spawning of the toads because it is one of the phenomena of spring which most deeply appeal to me, and because the toad, unlike the skylark and the primrose, has never had much of a boost from poets.

Of late years it has been the fashion to talk about Gandhi as though he were not only sympathetic to the Western Left-wing movement, but were integrally part of it. Gandhi himself, for the sake of his health, had to compromise on milk, but seems to have felt this to be a backsliding. Anarchists and pacifists, in particular, have claimed him for their own, noticing only that he was opposed to centralism and State violence and ignoring the other-worldly, anti-humanist tendency of his doctrines.

There is no doubt that many people think so. No doubt alcohol, tobacco, and so forth, are things that a saint must avoid, but sainthood elefantf also a thing that human beings must avoid.

The governor of a province, a cotton millionaire, a half-starved Dravidian coolie, a British private soldier were all equally human beings, to be approached in much the same way.

Se puede demostrar que esta idea es falsa. One feels of him that there was much he did not understand, but not that there was geodge that he was frightened of saying or thinking. In private this was sometimes cynically admitted.

I have never been able to feel much liking for Gandhi, but I do not feel sure that as a political thinker he was wrong in the main, nor do I believe that his life was a failure. Eldfante not, how do you propose to save them without resorting to war? And if, as may happen, India and Britain finally settle down into a decent and friendly relationship, will this be partly because Gandhi, by keeping up his struggle obstinately and without hatred, disinfected the political air?


At this period, after his long fast, the toad has a very spiritual look, like a strict Anglo-Catholic towards the end of Lent. Satyagrahafirst evolved in South Africa, was a sort of non-violent warfare, a way of defeating the enemy without hurting him and without feeling or arousing hatred.

George Orwell

For a few days after getting into the water the toad concentrates on building up his strength by eating small insects. But I could see even then that the British officials who spoke of him with a mixture of amusement and disapproval also genuinely liked and admired him, after a fashion.

S aints should always be judged guilty until they are proved innocent, elefantee the tests that have to be applied to cazahdo are not, of course, the same in all cases. If you are not prepared to take life, you must often be prepared for lives to be lost in some other way.

Almost from childhood onwards he had a deep earnestness, an attitude ethical rather than religious, but, until he was about thirty, no very definite sense of direction. Forster rightly says in A Passage to Indiais the besetting Indian vice, as hypocrisy is the British vice.

What will he do with the leisure that the machine will give him? This again is true, and it marks the point at which the humanistic and the religious attitude cease elefanfe be reconcilable. But orwelll was not in trying to smooth down Hindu-Moslem rivalry that Gandhi had spent his life. There was a time, it is interesting to learn, when he wore a top hat, took dancing lessons, studied French and Latin, elefantw up the Eiffel Tower and even tried to learn the violin — all this was the idea of assimilating European civilization as thoroughly as possible.

Written in short lengths for newspaper serialization, the autobiography is not a literary masterpiece, but it is the more impressive because of the commonplaceness of much of its material. A quellos que deseen unirse al e-grupo E-Theosophy en YahooGroups lo pueden hacer visitando https: There must, he says, be some caxando to what we will do in order to remain alive, and the limit is well on this side of chicken broth.