Cattleyas are frequently called “the Queen of the Orchids,” and Carl Withner’s passion for them started before World War II. About 12 years ago he published the. The Cattleyas and Their Relatives. Landmark series on the genera of the Cattleya alliance, which provide details on appearance, growth habit, incidence, and. Buy The Cattleyas and Their Relatives, Vol. 1: The Cattleyas 1st by Carl L. Withner (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and.

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Bright-orange inch 4-cm flowers with fringed yellow lips are the main feature of this colorful epidendrum. A compact grower that reaches about 12 inches 30 cm tall, its 3 2-inch 9-cm citrus-scented flowers are a yellow-green with red flares. Its flower is a superb shape and is strongly fragrant. From the Jungles to Your Home In the s, plant collectors and explorers risked their lives and lived in steamy tropical outposts to bring these South American orchids to the plant lovers of Europe.

At least not until you have several years of orchid growing under your belt. Named for a family member of the illustrious cattleya breeder, Ernest Hetherington, this is a 6-inch cm lavender-pink flower with a pink ruffled lip and orange-yellow throat.

An easy-to-grow fragrant orchid that has perfectly formed, 4-inch cmlavender-pink rwlatives with a frilled lip and yellow in the throat.

The Cattleyas and Their Relatives

The plant reaches about 16 inches 40 cm tall and is said to have the fragrance of grapefruit. Some of their prized children Here are some of the many hybrids produced by the parents in the preceding section: When people picture what a typical orchid looks like, the cattleya flower is usually what comes to mind.


Has spidery, exotic white to green flowers that are sometimes tinged with yellow or burgundy. Today, all the best forms are readily available and none have been collected from the wild.

The Best Choice for Beginners.

A large, handsome, clear gold-yellow. Book preview Want to see inside the book?

In this case, the coloring was purple flares on white petals and the lip. It has a miniature stature, making it tjeir for growing under lights or on a windowsill.

Laelias usually have somewhat of a smaller lip than cattleyas. Cattleya Peckhaviensis show its spots and bright magenta lip from Cattleya aclandiae. Its rose-purple flowers of heavy substance have a fine shape and an exquisite vanilla and sweet floral fragrance that is strongest in the morning.

It was the first one that displayed flares of color in the petals and lip, so it was used extensively in hybridizing to pass this quality on to its offspring. Here are just a few possibilities: Until the skyrocketing popularity of the phalaenopsis took off several years ago, the cattleyas were the undisputed kings of orchids.

Following is a sampling of some of the easier and more beautiful laelias that are worthy of space in your orchid collection: Instead, its ease of growing and blooming and wonderful fragrance — which has been variously rrlatives as smelling spicy-floral or like coconut cream pie, lilac, cinnamon, and hyacinth — are what keep people coming back to this orchid. This book is no longer available Unfortunately, we don’t have any copies of this book for sale.


One to six of its spidery greenish white flowers, from 3 to 6 inches 7. Theur orchid is very similar in most respects to Cattleya amethystoglossa, except that it blooms in the summer and fall.

They have their own following of orchid lovers. This is a glorious plant with flowers that vary quite a bit from plant to plant but generally are about 6 inches 15 cm across, fheir, frequently with violet-blue lips there are various lip colorsand a spicy or anise scent.

The Quintessential Orchids: Cattleyas and Their Relatives

It needs to be grown on the cooler and drier side during the winter months to bloom best in the spring to summer. A fine example of how far yellow flowers in cattleya hybrids have come, this one sports 6-inch cm lemon-yellow flowers with a splash of deep red on the lip.

And for windowsill and under-light growers, where every square inch counts, this creates a problem. A better choice may be a hybrid that uses one of the sophronitis species as a parent.

Its dark-red ruffled lip provides a dramatic contrast with its golden-yellow petals and sepals that relatoves a spread of about 4 2 inches 11 cm across. Keep up-to-date with NHBS products, news and offers.

Pink to deep rose, floral-scented flowers are displayed on this summer or fall bloomer. This orchid has glossy green flowers about 1X inches 3 cm on short spikes with a medicinal scent.