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I love working around things that I enjoy. After that I type their orders into an Avon Computer program. Sales Representative selling makeup products. The company was trusted I used the products. Later, my job was eliminated and I tested and passed MS Office for another job on first shift. Great avin but not doing well with this economy.

Great working with Customers. Create your CV Sign in.

Avon Pay & Benefits reviews in United States

I also have representatives who I have trained and are now selling Avon products on their own. District Sales Manager has to be constantly meeting with new reps and old reps.

Opportunity to help people launch their own business in a diverse marketplace. Avon used to be a great company to work for, then they got greedy, not caring about their employees or their representatives, just wanting the bottom line to grow.


By working for Avon it was an okay experience to start working in the direct selling business but it wasn’t best for the compensation benefits and the other areas.

The most catxlog part of my day is working with a large cultural diversity and helping people to learn direct selling skills. Introducing new products and also getting items with great prices and sales.

Coworkers are supportive and helpful, however all are stressed tight, overworked, and concerned about their future in the company. Making you’re own hours selling stuff at catallg own time was just awesome! It’s more like a side job where you can make some money. Every two weeks I call my customers for their orders. The shipping does not take as long as I thought it would.

Working at Avon in United States: Reviews about Pay & Benefits |

I feel a wonderful sense of fulfillment by helping others improve upon their life and sense of accomplishment. I set up all the orders and do some deliveries.

Ratings by category Clear. Four days later the order is delivered to my home. You have to work your schedule around all of your reps plus upper management. I wanted something with benefits and advancement. You get to work from home and make your own schedule.


Our community avno ready to answer.

Cataloage online: Catalog online Avon Cosmetics campania 8, 24 mai – 13 iunie

Three years later, I was terminated due to cut backs. Family life suffers unless you have a good team of associates. Avon is a great way to meet new people as well as to promote causes near to you heart. If you have a good leader campqnia may have a better experience and be more prepared. The more value your sales come out to be, the more percentage you get from it.

It worked out for me being a stay at home parent. Very fun To Work.

I handled the ordering of products camlania customers and returning money to the company. It was a great sales job, just looking for something more. I work approximately 60 – 70 hours per week from a remote location, traveling across 21 counties on a daily basis, using a section plan to help ensure I can see as many top sellers, leaders, and new independent consultants on a regular basis.