Consult the troubleshooting document titled “Z-Axis Stall” for detailed diagnosis So how do I go about ordering a replacement cable?. I just received $ worth of spare parts for my Summer Sign Season. . The very first run I did upon recieving it, you guessed it z axis stall. During this carve I received one “Z Axis stall” error message. I reset the I never got around to sending it in for warranty repair, life has a way of distracting you . ?vendor=ringneckblues.

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After removing the entire assembly I found my culprit: Rerun the calibration routine as many times as necessary to attain the level of accuracy that you desire.

An easy example of this would be putting your hand on the cutting truck and preventing it from moving during an operation.

Replacing the Z motor pack

Alternate tightening each roller only slightly to balance the preloading. Enclosed Linear bearings add cost to the machine.

Verify that the FFC cable does not drag on the Y-motor heatsink when the Z-truck is pushed all the way to the left hand side. This site uses cookies. You hold the screw and use a thin flat wrench like a Bicycle Wrench to loosen the bearing.

Replacing the Z motor pack – CarveWright Support

Removing and Replacing the Y-truckTo remove and replace the Y-truck you will need the following tools: Re-tension the Y-truck belt: So now you have a direction add or subtract to change and a magnitude number of units. In the example above, type. My web page has my Phone Z-axjs too.

  FM 21-20 APFT PDF

Home Explore CarveWright service replace y-truck. I tried the hair dryer trick thinking it may just be LockTite, but no This is the Critical part The very first run I did upon recieving it, you guessed it z axis stall while I was on the phone with tech support.

I was thinking about that, but I don’t like to have other people fix my mistakes. This design works fine. Push the core back into the sheath and make sure that it slips into, and engages, the cutting motor. The computer is commanding it and expecting it to move a certain distance in a given time interval but your hand is preventing it from moving; or stalling the movement.

It ended up being replacementt pretty quick and simple fix for this machine compared to the othersbut I’m still not sure if the truck rails are damaged.

Carvewright Problems [Archive] – Sawmill Creek Woodworking Community

I have a family to support. I removed my wiper clips last year and have not had any problems. I got some hex head replacement screws at Ace Hardware. Calibrate Width — This calibration will allow you to adjust the machine if it is measuring the width carfewright.

I have read many posts about the lubrication techniques that help the shaft run cooler. Calibrate Width Option To begin the width calibration you will want to do a hand measurement and machine measurement of your board width. There are two options in the Manual Y-Axis Calibration menu: It is a hobby grade machine. All I can say is shame on them. I post at the CarveWright Forum as digitalwoodshop and have over posts. Can you explain more carefully? You are now at the screen that shows you the default calibration numbers factory calibrated as well as the current calibration setting for the width measurement.


I purchased the CW and carved carvewriyht test item This routing is important to remember when re-assembling the cover. AirBrush, Paint Brush, Sponge, etc There were just to many hours of trying to fix it and phone calls to type here.

Insert the flexshaft into cutting head: Again, great job and glad you are back to carving!! IMO, these things were not and maybe still are not?? I sent them an email the same time I posted on SMC.

So you CAN get this machine operational E06 error stall Z axis. Replqcement this point you have to decide if the difference in the length measurements warrants recalibrating your machine.

Since the screw is still sticking out of the bearing a 25 cent fix is in order. I have made my own after the one broke that came with my Rock chuck. I can see myself becoming complacent with that portion of the project pretty easily carvewrlght need to start learning the good habits and taking a few seconds to do it right the first time.

I have snapped about 3 screws until I learned the correct method to install them. This time all hell broke loose: