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The story takes place mainly in OurenseSpain. I told you that they should have gone to a hotel, it made more sense.

I told you that yesterday too. The broth of the octopus released by its bubbles an intense aroma that excited and overwhelmed the senses, like a blaze. Up highest on the mountain, the butterflies that interested her most she came across were the grasshoppers that atadduras always startling when appearing, spreading their blue wings. It got dark over Ourense.

The teacher, however, had never been further away than a few kilometers, and every day in front of the daughter he bragged about it ggaite. They left behind the meadow where they had buried grandpa. Her mother often went down to the market with all the village women that made a living from the daily sale of few eggs, of a handful of beans.

Hydrangeas and dahlias grew ataduars paces from the vegetables, and there was only a rudimentary sand path, just below the row of balconies, in the shade of the hazels. He hired a pyrotechnician for the fireworks, that had never been seen before in the town. Eloy would not leave: They live oas Buenos Aires and my uncle has opened a bar.

He, who came to find new colors in the landscape of Spain and to stir up everything he called its savageries, was attracted to that girl from the beginning, savage also, almost too young, who little by little opened the door to her memories.


She also saw them bent over the ground gathering potatoes or pineapples. He had no respect for the family institution. All those little things were streets, stores, people who were going to have supper. This year there were three. Indeed, almost all the old people of the village died at night, while they slept, and nobody heard them die, nor bothered to ask the reason.

An overwhelming silence, that intoxicated, fell at noon down over the mountain. Sometimes grandpa Santiago accompanied her on her walks and stayed with the children, telling them everlasting stories about his trip to America. We are still friends now. The sun had sunk behind the mountains that surrounded that valley, and its reflection on the city had just faded away, still surrounded in a hot haze.

Sometimes letters are lost. Go and sleep a little, please. May Learn how and when to remove this template message. She went frequently confession with Don Felix and admitted her lack of humility.

Hung, piled up, upside down, positioned to dry. And it was sunny. She looked for him in the orchard and through the house several times that afternoon, throughout the celebration that the teacher always had in the dining room, with many people. And what good did it do me? I go down and I take the exam and solve the problems and everything. There was life all over the place down there. This year we are going to have fun.

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I can’t stay in the bed. Those people formed a concert with the stones, trees and insects of the ground. She had seen him other times as well, but always quickly, and they barely able to say hello.


She liked to feel the fallen pine needles rustle in the sun and the shade, forming a crust of toasted quills. Rain was gentle and light. Lss even one cigarette! Then they walked along the streets and alleyways, singing until they were on the road out of town, and the friend said goodbye there.

He took her with him to the mountain all the time and taught her all the names of the plants and animals. They walked sticking to gxite the shade of ataxuras houses, in the roadside ditch of the highway, between the silly and easily frightened hens and the ugly bare necked chicks.

You don’t have the slightest idea what my parents are like, nor should you worry yourself trying to understand them. How he looked at me! You must free yourself from your parents, by God. Then they went down a little and climbed another mount on the left, from which they could see the quarries where Eloy had been working all that time.

Las ataduras

Do you think I am going to spend all my life putting up with your mysteries? The river flows within its banks. They were thin and long-suffering people, whose sight had become cloudy, and had probably never seen the doctor. His back hurt from sleeping on stone.

They let go then. After that cigarette, another two. Where there was less wind.