Buzurgan-Fao oil pipeline is an existing oil pipeline, running from Buzurgan The pipeline runs from Buzurgan oilfield, Maysan governorate. The Missan Oil Fields comprise the Abu Ghirab, Buzurgan and Fuqua oil fields, which are located in the southeastern province of Missan. The Maysan oil fields (also known as the Missan Oil Fields) are a city and include Abu Ghirab, Jabal Fauqi (Fakka) and Buzurgan oil fields.

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Property taxes and insurance applicable to proved properties and wells and related equipment and buzurgn. The Maysan contract area was buzrgan up for bidding in Iraq’s first petroleum licensing roundbut the field only attracted one bid and no contract was awarded. For this assignmentGCA served as an independent reserve estimator. As the most obvious accumulations have been located, many in structural traps, stratigraphic models are of increasing exploration importance.

These facts suggest that water flow along the natural fracture system is likely.

PIs were broadly found to be reasonable. Fauqi Depth Structure Map. Probable reserves may be assigned to areas of a reservoir adjacent to proved reserves where data control or interpretations of available data are less certain, even if the interpreted reservoir continuity of structure or productivity does not meet the reasonable certainty criterion.

Possible reserves may be assigned to areas of a reservoir adjacent to probable reserves where data control and interpretations of available data are progressively less certain. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. Possible reserves are those additional reserves that are less certain to be recovered than probable reserves.

Maysan oil fields – Oil4All

As there may be some upside potential in the dolomitic A Formation that might have been overlookedGCA has widened the range of these reservoir parameters accordingly. Similar geological structure; and. There are no strike seismic lines along the structure ; therefore all the dip fie,d available should be interpreted to reduce uncertainty.

GCA has assumed that well interventions will help in sustaining the decline rates forecasted for producing wells and new drills; hence it has not specifically assigned additional production to well interventions. Some wells have shown high water – cut despite being completed near the crest of the structure and a large distance from the contact.

The project has been approved for development by all necessary parties and entities, including governmental entities.

The area of the reservoir considered as proved includes: Other source rocks to the charge of the Missan, are potentially from Cretaceous sources, such as Aptian Shuaiba, Albian Zubair and Sulaiy, and from Jurassic, but fild contribution to the charge of the reservoirs is negligible.

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Through installed extraction equipment and infrastructure operational at the time of the reserves estimate if the extraction is by means not involving a well.

Examples of production costs sometimes called lifting costs are: Existing study shows that the influence of the tectonic events on petroleum entrapment is particularly important in the Dezful Embayment of the ZSFB. In order to meet these production targets, CNOOC expects to have a total of 19 drilling rigs and 2 workover rigs operating during In this regard, it is noted again that the reserves estimates included in this report are limited to volumes produced from operations planned under the 3-year Rehabilitation Plan and as such are expected to be superseded by a revised assessment when the redevelopment activities proposed under the ERP has been approved by MOC and implementation of the plan initiated.

Development in Buzurgan is focused on the massive Foeld reservoir within the Mishrif. Migrations took place almost vertically and were facilitated by intense fracturing in high-relief anticlines. The term economically producible, as it relates to a resource, means a resource which generates revenue that exceeds, or is reasonably expected to exceed, the buzuran of the operation. Costs of drilling exploratory-type stratigraphic test wells.

Probable reserves are those additional reserves that are less certain to be recovered than proved reserves but which, together with proved reserves, are as likely as not to be recovered.

The production of the oilfield was interrupted several times between 2 0 0 3 rield 2 0 0 4.

CNOOC Limited

The Fauqi oilfield was put on production in January and reached a peak daily output of Full field decline rates for the field could not be interpreted due to the lack of clear decline production trends at this stage. Policy ” Congressional Research Service3 November A total of 27 wells have been drilled in this field.

The structural trends of the Missan are much coincidence with those in the Dezful Embayment. Gurpi and Pabdeh are considered not only contributed significant amounts of hydrocarbon to the Asmari Formation but also act as a good seal for Bangestan Mishrif.

The Rehabilitation Plan is assumed to be carried out by end – 2 0 13and no further Supplementary Costs and Petroleum Cost Capex are expected to be incurred in the subsequent years.

In the case of natural resources that are intended to be upgraded into synthetic oil or gasif those natural resources are delivered to a purchaser prior to upgrading, the first point at which the natural resources are delivered to a main pipelinea common carriera refinerya marine terminalor a facility which upgrades such natural resources into synthetic oil or gas.


The generalized startigraphy and petroleum system summary of the Missan area is presented in F i g ure 2. Director of Reserve Management Office. Oil and Gas Reserves Definitions and Reporting. Such areas may contain prospective resources i. The Asmari reservoir is one of buuzrgan best known carbonate reservoirs in the world. According to Iraq Oil Reportbuurgan raised an anti-Iranian sentiment borne from war in the scomplicating further the efforts to demarcate the border and thus the fields that cross it.

Oil and Gas Gield The most important selection criteria however was that at least one well from each field must have core data in order to ground – truth the petrophysical models. The Contractor is entitled to be reimbursed for its actual costs and paid a profit element in the form of Service Fees and Supplementary Fees to be taken in cash or in kind. The Maysan province shares a border with Iran and in December a group of Iranian border guards crossed the border and occupied one of the wells at the Oll field, raising ool Iranian flag.

The Rehabilitation Plan costs have been updated to reflect the estimated actual amounts spent, on the basis of the work completed, as provided by CNOOC. As of December2 0 1111 wells were in production3 wells in the Mishrif, 7 wells in the Asmari and 1 well completed in both. GCA assigned Low Case, Mid Case and High Case initial flow rate and exponential decline rate to all new wells to be drilled in 2 0 12based on historical performance of existing wells in each field.

Additionallytwo wells have been shut – in due to buzurgaj productionone well was drilled as a delineation well and three wells have been drilled but not completed.

Guzurgan procedure was complicated by the presence of several types of lithologyincludingshale, sandstone, limestone, dolomite and anhydrite. It should be noted that the Lil of future revenue potential of a petroleum property, such as those discussed in this report, do not represent an opinion as to the market value of that property, nor any interest in it. The occupation lasted for less than 48 hours, however the guards remained in the area for another month.