Chalion Index. This page provides links to all the pages on this site which relate to Lois McMaster Bujold’s new fantasy universe, as created in The Curse of. The Curse of Chalion (Chalion series) [Lois McMaster Bujold] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A man broken in body and spirit, Cazaril. Chalion Wiki (aka 5GodsWiki) is a collaborative website to explores the universe of the Five Gods, as revealed by author Lois McMaster Bujold.

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One of my slightly unusual 5 stars.

I personally enjoyed the journey because there is change and growth. A listing of her awards and nominations may be seen here: Bukold has nothing to do with Curse of Chalion, but having read a lot of Bujold’s work and got a feel for how she chalio, I am confident she wouldn’t be offended by this.

The theology of this fantasy world is interesting. Maybe I felt something more disappointed with the villains, although Dondo seems to me to be more evil than his brother Hartou Jironal. Trivia About The Curse of Chal The magic is low-key, and revolves around the five gods, the Father, Mother, Son, Daughter and Bastard, and the way they interact with their human followers.

Chalino Bujold trademark is unconventional protagonists, she tends to stay away from the fearsomely skilled and well endowed sexy heroic type. Wagner Support SF Reviews. His pondering about the spirituality of life as a galley-slave seemed forced and sometimes preachy. To acquire mystical knowledge means to undergo a transformation; one could even say that the knowledge is the transformation. Cazaril does not have fond memories of either of them; his time as a galley slave was Martou’s doing, very probably at Dondo’s urging.


This is not a high-action tale, and most of the tension comes from the history read: Bunold companies should figure out some way to encapsulate books into medical cure-all pills. The next day, Cazaril realizes the curse has not lifted; instead it has spread to include Bergon as well. That the plot wasn’t driven by a main character’s stupidity? The Penric novellas, also set in this world, are from an even different time period.

The Curse of Chalion by Lois McMaster Bujold

The impotence in certain ways of the gods dealt with in the book brought to mind a Bible verse I Cor. Men have always a choice – if not whether, then how they may endure.

This narrator, Lloyd James, is new to me but I will definitely listen to more of his work. Arriving at Valenda, his reception is more than he could have hoped.

And today bukold work, I must admit, I had the book at my desk, sneaking a page here and there at opportune moments It has politics, scheming, a well defined system of gods and religion, well developed characters who all develop in leaps and bounds through the story. Bujold incorporates the gods there are five into her storyline in a way reminiscent of Greek myth; like the Olympians, Bujold’s gods are arbitrary, capricious, all too human, and yet purposive and compassionate.

See all 7 questions about The Curse of Chalion…. The protagonist, a chaluon of 35 chalioon enough woes for a lifetime, is attracted to one of the major supporting characters quite early on and develops quite gradually throughout the story, in a glance here and a smile there.

The Curse of Chalion

I was genuinely surprised how this middle-aged man was able to hook me into his narrative. Mar 25, Bradley rated it challon was amazing Shelves: Miyuki Miyabe, where also two characters in a world must die to save the real world and the magical, and the character while not asked so much as Cazaril a christic figure, is not Christ, but possesses some of his attributes Wataru Mitani must renounce to your your dream to do what is right.


So, all in all, a very good book with a beating heart, Bujold’s attention to details and craftsmanship is as evident as ever. Afterward, a jealous enemy ensured that Caz would not be ransomed as were the rest of his menbut instead sold into slavery, spending 19 months chalio a galley slave before finally being rescued. Though Chalion is at peace, Cazaril gets drawn into protecting them from impending dangers.

World of the Five Gods (Publication) Series

May 18, carol. If she’s to succeed in her goal of marrying Bergon and uniting their kingdoms into a power that will be strong enough to end the northern war, she must hurry. Prayer is a dangerous business. However, Ingrey discovers that ubjold has far more in common with Ijada than he thought, and in fact, she might be the only person he can trust.

The other fantastically creative part of this novel is it’s devotion to characterization. Augustine than the spiritual inventions in classic fantasies such as Dune, Lord of the Rings, or Pullman and C. Sep 23, Mpauli rated it really liked it Shelves: