Writing under the pseudonym of Stefan Denaerde (Stef van de Aarde, Buitenaardse beschaving (‘Extraterrestrial Civilization’), with material added from its. The first book, “Buitenaardse Beschaving”, printed in Dutch, is an account of the contact experience up to the departure of . Stefan Denaerde and W. Stevens. Buitenaardse beschaving: De planeet Iarga. Front Cover. Stefan Denaerde. N. Kluwer, – Interplanetary voyages – pages.

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And what happens then? Perhaps we can’t help it because our mentality is wrong, but no matter how you try to excuse it, it remains stupid. He is dreaming, but he is awake. It was just a broad piece of cloth with a hole in the middle that fell over the head and was fastened at the waist with a broad belt, leaving the arms and the sides of the body uncovered.

Gebaseerd op de informatie in dit artikel en de relevantie ervan voor de huidige toestand van de wereld — waar ook Paul Hellyer op wees in zijn boek Light at the End of the Tunnel: You must also determine that the maximum and the combined income for a man and wife can never exceed four times the determined minimum. More details of the location of the planet they would not tell me. Maybe someday, when the time comes. I saw a few Iargans at work, dressed in orange colored overalls with space-suit like helmets on their hs which left only the mouth and nose uncovered; there were never more than about 40 workers outside the control room.

UFO Contact from Planet Iarga

I noticed a group of stars that seemed to be shifting in color. The slightly domed platform lay, just as it had yesterday evening, with its edge level with the surface of the water.


They were mounted on a system of arms and made movements exactly as a living being would; large ones moved slowly, and small ones moved at lightening speed, exactly synchronized with the placing of venaerde part. Door de enorme omvang van de Melkweg is het volgens Garrett onwaarschijnlijk dat we signalen opvangen van geavanceerde beschavingen. Near Kin 2 Sputnik. On many of the panels diversely colored lights burned, interposed by dark transparent strips on which flashes or darting lines could be seen.


The hulls were almost completely submerged, and the strangest thing was that the rough water seemed to have no effect on them. That surely doesn’t mean that there was no study done. The trusts work on a cost-price basis whereby our term “profit” is replaced by “the cost of continuation. Contact from Planet Iarga 2 copies Buitenaardse beschaving. This was one huge recreation area, with its rugged mountains and beautiful waterfalls.

I was intrigued by it. But why was I still so afraid? I grabbed the searchlight and shone the beam on the platform. The star-shaped building had a diameter of about one kilometer and the area around the factory was a maze of rails supporting hundreds of their freighttorpedos which entered the building at the points of the star. The above quote can be found on p. What you see here houses a population of six thousand people to the square kilometer.

I denaede accusingly at the discoverer of the trouble. The contacts continued, however, and a vast amount of technical information was communicated to the witness over the next several months and even years. The plan of creation demands that we, like all others, complete the transformation phase in ignorance of our origin and our purpose.


If you missed Part 3 of this article click here: Nor have you commented on the original plan being laid out in his book Majik Damn, it was too late! George Adamski in de begintijd van zijn ontdekkingen.

Die kan alleen worden verkregen door de zorgvuldige mentale vorming door ouders van hun strfan, door een juist begrip van goed en kwaad.

Then, I knew that they were more interested in an essence, that I never suspected I had: I was afraid that they would climb back into their saucer and that I would never see them again. The human race lives in complete isolation from the other intelligent races for as long as the so-called “transformation phase” continues. I was real weak, my knees felt weak.

These details have been recounted many times in the local and global news media. With shaking hands I stopped the motor and in the sudden stillness saw the startled face of Miriam appear in the cabin doorway. De auteur beschrijft in het boek hoe bij toeval op een UFO stuit en vervolgens in contact komt met buitenaardse wezens, afkomstig van een planeet buiten ons zonnestelsel.

Anything so bschaving, with so many moving parts which can wear out and require so much maintenance, would be madness on Iarga.

Your evidence please—not your wishful thinking.