The basic difference between Spooling and Buffering is that Spooling overlaps the I/O of one job with the execution of another job while the. Spooling, buffering and caching are terms often used interchangeably to describe this type of resource scheduling, although computer science does differentiate. Data from each process is put on the spool (print queue) and processed in FIFO( first in With spooling, the disk is used as a very large buffer.

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The reason for this is that nobody really wants to type out everything and not see it for a few seconds; if you experience this when typing in a program, you’ll rightly be convinced that something is wrong. When the letters you type appear on the screen, the screen is an output device.

Many people — especially non-programmers — use them interchangeably. It is employed for information, yield, and in some circumstances, impermanent functionality. Simultaneous peripheral operation onlineacronym for this is Spooling.

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Difference Between Spooling and Buffering in OS (with Comparison Chart) – Tech Differences

It naturally leads to multiprogramming. It is the waiting station to place data while the slower device catches up. Spooling stands for Simultaneous Peripheral Operations online.

Buffering Spooling is great for some sorts of computer tasks, but it’s not appropriate for others. At the level of bits and bytes, your CPU and video card cache data to boost performance.

Small Business – Chron. However buffering is not an acronym.

These terms are not mutually exclusive and their functions are frequently combined but they have intended difference. The buffer permits every gadget or course of to work with out being held up by the other. These subsequent parts are queued up in a buffer so that the video plays smoothly even though it’s sspooling fully downloaded when you start it.


With spooling all process can access the resource without waiting.

She also writes on personal development for the website UnleashYourGrowth. In spooling, the IO operations of one job overlap with the execution of another job.

Efficient Spooling is more efficient tha buffering. Another difference between spooling and buffering is the size. Spooling is great for some sorts of computer tasks, but it’s not appropriate for others.

In simple words, buffer temporarily stores data that is being transmitted from one place to another. She is passionate about sharing her knowldge in the areas of programming, data science, and computer systems.

The card reader sends data and the printer receives data via the disk. Size Spooling considers disk as a huge spool or buffer.

Buffering increases the performance buftering the device. You are commenting using your Facebook account. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Peter Herz on May 10, at 6: Spooling is an acronym for Simultaneous Peripheral Operation spooing. Caching There’s a third process that’s used that’s related to spooling and buffering: The spool is prepared in the climbing request, dealing with the premise of a FIFO calculation. Email required Address never made public.

Difference Between Spooling and Buffering in OS

Thus, this is spoolihg main difference between spooling and buffering. Overall, buffering helps to handle the speed mismatch between producers and consumers of data streams.

For this to work, the website sends small parts of the video when the page loads, and then starts sending the next parts of the video when the “Play” button is clicked. Usually complete jobs are queued on disk to be completed later. Buffering allows data to be stored temporarily into a reserved area of spoolin the buffer.


Spooling waits until the entire operation is done before sending it to the output device or a network, and your likeliest encounter with spooling probably comes from sending a document to a printer. The third use of buffering is that it also supports copy semantics.

Caching is a high-speed storage system that may be a special, reserved section memory like a buffer or a separate storage device.

What Is Spooling & Buffering? | It Still Works

Let us find some more differences between spooling and buffering with the help of comparison chart shown below. Internet browsers will cache files that get accessed a lot, and any time you watch a video and hit the “Replay” button, your browser is usually pulling up the copy of the file it downloaded previously, rather than downloading it again. At the receiving end, the fragments are accumulated in the buffer and reassembled to form the complete large message. Spooling is bufering acronym for concurrent fringe operations on the street.

The spooler only has to notify when a process gets completed at the remote site so that spooler can spool next process to the remote side device. The data that is stored within a cache might be values that have been computed earlier or duplicates of original values that are stored elsewhere. The same situation was faced by me adn all other 32 students in the room during a lecture when our professor posed this question.

It allows the user to watch buffeging listen to the media by downloading a portion of the file and playing it while continuing to download the rest of the video.