NO RELIGIONby Buddhadasa Bhikkhu Translated from the Thai by Bhikkhu Punno First electronic edition: September Buddha-Dhamma. No Religion. I didn’t come here today to give any formal lecture or sermon, but to have an informal chat among friends. I hope that you all agree to this so that we. No Religion – Buddhadasa Bhikkhu, Chaiya, Thailand – 7th June Buddhadasa Bhikku “The morality of the young is peace for the world”.

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Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Many thanks for this post from leroywatson4, who blogs here: It has extensive grounds, a forest monastery home to 40 monks. Further, I intend to speak only about the most essential matters, important topics which people consider to be profound. You are commenting using your Facebook account. I didn’t come here today to give any formal lecture or sermon, but bhikknu have an informal chat among friends.

He revealed much of the truth that had been distorted. They have only reached the external levels, just as with canal water, muddy water, and the rest. This was in the early 20th Century, what would he make of Bangkok now?!

The integral practice used to focus the mind. If we take river-water and distill it, we will get pure water. Not necessarily the birth of a person or self, but the birth of a thought, an emotion, a desire.

You are commenting using your WordPress. It is impossible to buddhadass a fair reflection of the Buddhist Philosophy on this little blog, mainly because Buddhism is so vast and profound.


It is said that the helpers of the retreat take better care of the foreign visitors than the locals and monks! Even though many in the government viewed him as a potential communist around the second world war!

They distinguish rain-water, well-water, underground-water, canal-water, ditch-water, gutter-water, sewer-water, toilet-water, urine, diarrhea, and many other kinds of water from religlon other.

Although they may say there is Buddhism, Judaism, Taoism, Islam, or bhikhu, they will also say that all religions are inwardly the same. For each visit to Thailand and most of my time in S. They may combine with water, and alter water, but they are never water itself. Such beliefs show that we are still ignorant, very foolish indeed, just like nk babies who know only their own bellies. She will never think of washing behind her ears or between her toes or anywhere like that. We can call it “Dhamma,” we can call it “Truth,” we can call it “God,” “Tao,” or whatever, but we shouldn’t particularize that Dhamma or that Truth as Buddhism, Christianity, Taoism, Judaism, Sikhism, Zoroastrianism, or Islam, for we can neither capture nor confine it with labels and concepts.

Everything is non-personal, that is, is Dhamma or Nature in its pure state or whatever you wish to call it. The essence of Buddhas teaching revolved buddhadass breathing in, and breathing out. We have many of these blind beliefs. This is the message that will lead us away from suffering and pain. Being without buddhasasa is the highest form of happiness. A monk from humble beginnings in ni poorer south of Thailand, who thought independently and deeply understood the dangers of societies movement away from truth and compassion, towards confusion.


One is the conventional language that ordinary people speak, what I call “people language. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Want to Read Currently Reading Read. They just went about teaching us how we should live. But we dare not think like this. The true nature of things has no reoigion, no qualities, nationality or race. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: It can’t be eastern or western, southern or northern. We think of ourselves as a special group and of others as outsiders or foreigners.

From the earliest period of his religious studies, Buddhadasa utilized a comparative approach and sought to be able to explain “Buddhist’s teachings through other thought systems such as Taoism, Hinduism, Confucianism, Jainism and Natural Science.

Dec 23, Kiridaren Jayakumar rated it liked it. His ability to explain complex philosophical and religious ideas in his native Southern Thai attracted many people to his wooded retreat.

People who don’t know much about even the simplest things think that there are many kinds of water.

Buddhadasa – Wikipedia

Buddhadasa’s works literally take up an entire room in the National Library of Thailand. Retrieved from ” https: You rdligion commenting using your Twitter account. Only the ego sees differences and confusion.

They were more withdrawn and shy than their Tibetan counterparts, less eager to share. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.