We are now the distributor of all the in print handbooks published by The Conservation (TCV), formerly the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers ( BTCV). Bugs. BTCV handbooks online. Loads of really useful info, books include: Environments for All Local Action. Deer fencing is erected for any of the following purposes: To exclude deer from woodlands, including plantations, coppiced woodlands, newly planted amenity.

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Community Network members’ website. The rolls of netting are extremely heavy btc require machine access along the fence line, and the netting is difficult to fit neatly on undulating ground. Conservation and the volunteer worker. It’s been a huge undertaking, with web pages, over 2, illustrations, tables and 1, links connecting it all together. Sign up for our monthly email newsletter – GreenZine Read more.

BTCV Practical Handbooks

Accessible with an internet connection, pages can also be printed for use in the field. Although the books are old handbbooks are still well worth it.

Background Before each book dives into the ‘how to’, it covers a thorough and wide-ranging introduction to each subject. In some areas muntjac deer are causing significant damage to the ground flora of woodlands. Rides next to fenced areas are important in improving the effectiveness of the fence. It will also include photos and videos – something that the paper books don’t or can’t. If you clicked on a link and expected TCV’s online shop to be here, I’m afraid it closed in March Coppice regrowth and natural regeneration of trees is impossible in many places without fencing or other protection.


Hedging Hedgerow management for conservation volunteers and others interested in creating and maintaining hedgerows. BTCV Practical Handbooks This series aims to help individuals and groups of volunteers undertake practical conservation work. The books are highly recommended by Naturenet. Muntjac deer are a problem as they push underneath the fence, and measures to prevent this will add considerably to the cost of the fence. Guidance on the storage, maintenance and repair of tools used in conservation work, and setting up workshops and toolstores.

Modern deer farms are enclosed using high tensile netting systems, with Tornado see suppliers a specialist in this area. CLM includes long-form articles, events listings, publication reviews, new product information and updates, reports of conferences and letters.

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An alternative method is simply to lay the material on the ground with the brushy tops facing outwards in the direction of attack, and the butt ends towards the newly-cut coppice.

The handbooks were first published in the s and have been updated more recently. Footpaths The design, construction, maintenance and repair of rural footpaths and informal hahdbooks in urban areas.

Remember to gather tools and so on to your side of the fence before you start attaching the netting, or you may have a long walk round! Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to footer Sign up! What’s included in the price?

There are three basic approaches to controlling deer damage to woodlands, which may need to be used in combination:. Very intuitive with detailed diagrams and descriptions. The best method is to site the fence so that a section can be fitted against a cliff or 1. We’re redirecting all traffic to this site now. Where does my money go?


BTCV Handbooks Online

In addition to the loss of height which would result, it’s not possible to fold over the bottom edge of the high tensile plastic net as this prevents effective straining. Our Blogs Visit our blogs. Step by step All the processes in the handbooks are explained in an easy to follow, step-by-step way using plain English.

Hedgerow management for conservation volunteers and others interested in creating and maintaining hedgerows. For straining high tensile plastic deer netting, Centrewire recommend 2.

BTCV handbooks online

In many areas of the country, any newly planted trees or naturally regenerating trees will have to be protected from deer, until they have grown out of reach of browsing. This system has three lines of high visibility electric tape. Woodlands Management of traditional British woodlands, and hwndbooks creation of new woods and managing associated habitats.

The dead hedging or temporary electric fencing described above may be suitable if protection is only required for a couple of seasons, or if a low level of damage is acceptable.