Consult Brokk’s Brokk Diesel brochure on DirectIndustry. Page: 1/1. Brokk kg. ( lbs). > Easy to transport > Ideal for breaking screed > 32amp 3 Brokk Brokk Brokk Brokk Brokk Brokk

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Brokk 90 with the hydraulic drill. Brokk cleaning furnace.

Brokk 90 demolishing a zinc kiln Brokk demolishing a carbon bake furnace at an aluminium plant. Brokk in Dublin. Brokk cutting floor in the U. Brokk cleaning an aluminium potcell. Brokk with steel shear SC With an impres- sive power-to-weight ratio, the Brokk D has the muscle to tackle dense concrete structures while eliminating the need for expensive shoring.

The powerful, environmental-friendly diesel engine makes it perfect for heavy-duty demolition in places that lack a power supply. AOD furnace mouth cleaning in Taigang.

Technical Data

Brokk with pneumatic drill in Barcelona, Spain. Brokk with side anling device in the metro of Paris. Case stories West Valley Project clears nuclear waste speedily and under budget. Brokk segmenting a vitrification melter. Movie clips Brokk in tunnel de la Nerthe in France. Decommissioning at Tokai Power Station. As with its electric-powered family members, the Brokk D is remote-controlled, providing a safe, ergonomie working en- vironment for the operator.


Brokk D – remote controlled demolition robot

Brokk 50 entering a cement kiln. The Online Industrial Exhibition. For work in extreme environments, it can be ordered with a stainless rbokk hood, heat resistant hoses, extra cylinder protection and an air-cooling system. 3330 in the security and rescue application. Brokk digging in a water tunnel Demolition robot Brokk making safety niches in Italy.

It outperforms conven- tional excavators several times heavier with both its breaking power and its ability to get into tight spaces. Brokk breaking out kiln lining.

Brokk with drilling equimpent Brokk working in the subway in Stockholm, Sweden. B with concrete crusher hanging on a platform. Brokk in Hongkong Brokk 90 demolishing staircases. Brokk with scabbler.

Brokk in Dublin digging out voids behind the tunnel lining for storage of fire equipment. Case stories Jidong cement Hight-tech cement industry used high-tech Brokk for retro brokj of cooler. Heavy construction demolition; cleaning of ladles, kilns, and furnaces; slag removal and stripping of linings in cement and lime kilns.


Brokk 90 cleaning cement silos with a vacuum tool. Brokk cleaning out coating. Emptying and demolition of waste bunkers. Open the catalog to page 1. Case stories Cross passages tunnel case Cross passages Brokk demolishing a hot cell behind acrylic glass screen Brokk removes concrete layer in cooling ponds.

Renovation of bridge in Poland. Brokk and SB breaking out emergency and fire exit. Removal of filters and primary lining in underground duct.