With The Invention of Hugo Cabret (Scholastic, pounds ), the American illustrator/author Brian Selznick seems to have invented a new. La Invencion de Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Orphan, clock keeper, and thief, Hugo lives in the walls of a busy Paris train station, where his survival depends on secrets and anonymity. But when his world.

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Martin Scorsese bought the screen rights to the book inand John Logan wrote the script.

Brian Selznick makes the characters in this book extremely memorable, especially the main character Hugo Cabret as Hugo is shown as a boy who has a huge ambition and yet he always feels lonely and insecure when he is around other people, since he spent most of his life alone and children will easily sympathize with his situation as any child might feel a bit secluded from other people whenever they lose a loved one.

I know that if I had had this book as a seven year old I would have adored it. A small boy cannot hide in the walls of a station and tend its clocks; a clockwork automat I felt intimidated by the idea of reviewing Hugo Cabretand wondered if anyone would help me. In contrast to the nine-foot gorillas of his shop-window days, these drawings started off very small – just a few inches across. Jan 26, Jennifer rated it really liked it Shelves: They have the exact number and type of parts they need.

May 10, Jonnie rated it really liked it Shelves: I hope more books are written in this format. What a silly Qs!! Brian Selznick has made this story extremely dramatic and exciting at the same time as it details the adventures of an orphaned boy in Paris and how he tries to uncover the mystery of the mechanical man.


I have a sister who is a teacher, a brother who is a brain surgeon, and five nephews and one niece. Although the story was a familiar one insofar as it was reminiscent of a Charles Dickens rags-to-riches story, it explored the rich, largely untapped topic, at least in children’s literature, of the beginnings of cinema and the wonder that it inspired. Pages and pages of sketches separate chapters–they really DO help tell the story, not just in that they illustrate what is going like children’s picture books but actually serve to progress the story without using any words A horologist working for the city’s museum, Hugo’s father finds an old automaton in the museum’s attic one day.

If a picture is worth 1, words, then Brian Selznick or, if you’ve read the novel, Hugo’s automaton has spoken a million words.

La Invencion de Hugo Cabret

Caret next day, Hugo returns to the toy booth where the shopkeeper tricks him into thinking that the notebook was burnt by giving him some ashes. I read it in an evening and wished that I could’ve had it when I was 10 — I would’ve been in hog heaven. He also reveals that he created the automaton, and that he sold it to the museum. When they tell him that it was still functional, he gets excited and asks Hugo to get it.

I would highly recommend everyone check this book out, even if it’s not normally something you would pick up. Hugo guesses an eye, but Ettienne reveals that he lost his eye as a child when he was playing with fireworks. jugo

Caldecott Medal recipient Eyes are significant throughout this book – think cameras, lenses, spy holes. Apr 23, Manny rated it really liked it Shelves: Thank you and good day. It emerges that the boy, Hugo, is a homeless orphan: Shortly after dee this, I also read Wonderstruck by the same author, which was just as wonderful.


I loved the inclusion of the stills from films and the information on these factual elements included in the back pages. He is a smarty pants, a thief and determined, but can lla be a little rude due to not having any friends for 2 years of living in the station, until meeting Isabelle.

Review: The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick | Books | The Guardian

He is polite, especially with children, but can also be mischievous, as shown when he is caught sneaking children into the cinema and when he was playing with fireworks. The hardcover edition was released on January 30,and the paperback edition was hubo on June 2, People who flout these elementary principles are liable to come to a very sticky end.

Part novel, part graphic novel- the illustrations conveyed strong emotion and were so beautiful. Ho letto questo libro in una sera.

La invención de Hugo Cabret – Brian Selznick – Google Books

Rounded up to four stars because I’m feeling nice. And I think Uncle Georges is a bit like the Baron. Sdlznick actually not, but there was a “Golden Age of Automata” which happened during the last fifty years of the Victorian era, which most of the Steampunk aesthetic is based from.

The Invention of Hugo Cabret 1 1 Jun 06, It says that the movie was directed by Georges Melies.