As for overall measures of job satisfaction, Brayfield and Rothe’s () job satisfaction scale is commonly used. In some of our research (e.g., Judge, Bono. Brayfield, A. H., & Rothe, H. F. (). An index of job satisfaction. Journal of Applied Psychology, 35, doi/h Arthur H. Brayfield Kansas State College. and. Harold F. Rothe Hospital Supply Corporation. Increasingly, business and industrial con- As a working approach.

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Job satisfaction scales [Gilad Feldman Research WIKI]

American Journal of Community Psychology, 13, More accurately, an explicitly shortened5 item version of the Brayfield and Rothe scale including a list rotbe the specific 5 items used is included in the following papers: Academy of Management Journal, Personality and job satisfaction: Toward understanding the motivational effects of transformational leaders.

Your email address will not be published. Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, 65, Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Discriminant validity of measures of job satisfaction, positive affectivity, and negative affectivity.


Personal and task-related moderators rohte leader-member exchange among software developers. August 1, at 5: Educational and Psychological Measurement, 62, — Development of the Job Satisfaction Survey. The abridged Job Descriptive Index.

Job Satisfaction

This is a measure of satisfaction with the work itself, promotion opportunities, co-workers, supervisors, and compensation. This is a very widely used 3-item job satisfaction scale.

The format for questions is a list of adjectives, the format for responses is Y,? Development of a compact measure of job satisfaction: The mediating role of job characteristics.

Job satisfaction scales

A 36 item, nine facet scale. This is an 18 item scale based on a list of adjectives, with responses in a format similar to the JDI Y,? An bryfield of job satisfaction. This is a six-item version of the well-known Brayfield and Rothe scale.

Job Satisfaction – Research Methods Division

Measurement of human service staff satisfaction: Journal of Applied Psychology, 74, Journal of Applied Psychology, Job satisfaction Source 1: Assessing the attitudes and perceptions of organizatonal members. Journal of Applied Psychology, 35, — The scale can be downloaded at: The most recent updates to the Job Descriptive Index family of scales can be accessed online and are free to use and download: A guide to methods, measures, and practices.


Construction of a Job in General Scale: A comparison of global, composite, and specific measures. Used in Ozer, Muammer. As mentioned previously, the Brayfield and Rothe scale is habitually mis-cited as having 5 items in reality, it has 18 items.