Buy Bosch DMF 10 Zoom Professional Metal Detector, LED Display . Browse our latest cable-metal-stud-detectors offers. Free Next Day Delivery. manual// Just make sure you get the professional blue model (DMF 10 zoom) not the similar looking.

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I was hoping that there would be members zomo had experience of this product or similar! Position the measuring tool onto the surface being scanned. Great Britain Robert Bosch Ltd. When switching the measuring tool on with the wood-detection button 5 or with the metal-detection button 6, it will automatically be in the respective detection function.

Installing hive Worcester Bosch. If this file was helpful. The measuring indicator f has the greatest amplitude over the centre of the wooden object.

Bosch DMF 10 Zoom Operating Instructions Manual (Page of )

Nehmen Sie dazu den Bleistift 11 aus dem Messwerkzeug und messen Sie wie gewohnt. Users found this page by searching for: Last edited by a moderator: Do not use cleaning agents or solvents. When the measuring tool comes close to a metal object, then the amplitude of the measuring indicator f increases; when it moves away from the object, the amplitude decreases.

Switching On and Off B Before switching the measuring tool on, make sure that the sensor area 9 is not moist. El indicador de medida zoom e no se activa al detectar objetos de madera. For this, press the metaldetection button 6 and the wood-detection button 5 at the same time. Bei abgeschaltetem Signalton erscheint im Display die Anzeige j.


After a brief self-check, the measuring tool is ready for operation. Introduire la pile fournie. Share This Page Tweet. Abgebildete Komponenten Die Nummerierung der abgebildeten Komponenten bezieht sich auf die Darstellung des Messwerkzeuges auf der Grafikseite.

When the battery indication k in the display lights up, measuring is possible for approx. To continue searching for wooden objects, switch back to the detecting-wood function. During the scan, the felt pads 8 must always have contact with the structure. Litzenkabel werden dabei nicht angezeigt im Gegensatz zu Vollmaterialkabeln.

Product Features The numbering of the product features shown refers to the illustration of the measuring tool on the graphic page. When the signal tone is switched off, the switched-off audio signal indicator j appears on the display. The trade names of the individual measuring tools may vary.

Bosch DMF 10 Zoom Operating Instructions Manual Page 192

When the measuring tool is in the metal-detection function, the service readiness is indicated through a check mark behind the “AutoCal” calibration indicator g. The “Zoom” function indicator d appears in the display.

However, stranded cables are not indicated contrary to solid copper conductors. Therefore, please also observe other information sources e. I find the spec a little ambiguous: For steel wire mesh and reinforcements in the scanned structural material, an amplitude of the measuring indicator f is displayed over the complete surface.

I played with one ELEX it’s the dogs bits, like hand held penetrating radar, but the cost is hard to justify. Wird in dieser Funktion an der gleichen Stelle ein Objekt angezeigt, dann ist es eindeutig ein Metall- kein Holzobjekt. If there are any metal inclusions in the material being scanned, then a continuous signal is indicated in the measuring indicator f.


Surely there’s one decent cable locator on the planet? In this case, press the “ZOOM” button 4 and keep it pressed while continuing to move the measuring tool over the area. When very small or deeply embedded metal objects are being detected and the measuring indicator f does not react, press the “ZOOM” button 4 and keep it pressed while continuing to move the measuring tool over the area. The “AutoCal” calibration indicator g and the illuminated ring 1 go out.

Bosch DMF 10 Zoom Operating Instructions Manual Page 180

MarkieSparkieOct 20, For weak signals, the indication of the metal type is not possible. Betriebsarten Das Messwerkzeug detektiert Objekte unterhalb des Sensorbereiches 9.

The “Zoom” measuring indicator e is inactive when scanning for wooden objects. We hope, janual this document of instructions for use will help you. Main page Brands Categories Search. Intended Use The measuring tool is intended for the detection of metals ferrous and non-ferrous metals, e.

Si l’on n’appuie sur aucune touche sur l’appareil de mesure pendant env.

Sie erkennen diese Bereiche in der Funktion Metallsuche. Switching Off the Signal Tone The signal tone can be switched on and off.