Blood of Elves has ratings and reviews. Claire said: I struggled a lot with this book: I wanted to like it, since I’ve heard really good thi. Blood of Elves [Andrzej Sapkowski] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Geralt the Witcher-revered and hated-holds the line against the . Blood of Elves (Polish: Krew elf√≥w) is the first novel in the Witcher saga written by Andrzej Sapkowski. It is a sequel to the Witcher short story collections Sword.

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Nilfgaard has switched tactics, however, and now are undermining the North by covertly funding an elven terrorist group called the Scoia’tael.

Feb 18, Celise rated it it was amazing Shelves: Their world is still the best in the series, but squeaks, try to get to the Sapkoweki society of the modern age, and the mixed with other cultures.

I can’t help it I’m female. Przemek from Polska Witam was bardzo serdecznie!

Blood Of Elves by Andrzej Sapkowski

Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of The Scoia’tael and their role in the book is also well-handled. I can’t state it enough that this book is so much deeper and more enjoyable if you’ve read what comes beforehand. I found that I completely loved the groundwork I’d put in with the previous narratives and then hearing about the past stories mentioned of which I’d already read such as recollecting thought regarding meeting the Golden Dragon and about the macabre events that happened at the downfall of Cintra.


I know everyone has different opinions, so I’d expect at least some people to like or love it, but I’m scrolling through endless 4 So yeah, I had high hopes for this series, aapkowski it was a total fail for me.

The New York Times bestselling series that inspired the international hit video game: About Ellves Sapkowski Andrzej Sapkowski worked in finance until the success of his fantasy cycle about the witcher Geralt of Rivia turned him into Poland’s bestselling writer. The world is interesting but anything I would rather read about is only mentioned as background.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. World, which is not black and white, but every aspect of goodness and evil is rather in different shades of gray. I particularly appreciated the way the book managed to operate simultaneously as serious fantasy and as a tongue-in-cheek deconstruction of the genre’s tropes and cliches.

Spakowski also asked for the same – anerzej after six years, he would come back and claim that which the knight has but doesn’t know yet.

Blood of Elves

She acknowledges that she does not have the power to control Ciri’s talent, and advises Geralt to swallow his pride and seek help from Yennefer, a more experienced sorceress and his former lover. Mission accomplished and stuff.

As the threat of war hangs almost palpably over the land, Geralt and Ciri are pursued by someone who understands exactly what the prophecy means – and exactly what Ciri’s power is capable of.

To view it, click here. Without reading short stories, especially the one I’m talking about, I wouldn’t fully understand the ending and even if I did so, I wouldn’t be as much surprised as I was, when Sapkowski finally revealed who’s really behind all of this. The last story of the second book left Geralt stuck with – supposedly – his destiny; namely a child not his.


Geralt is the main character in this story, but so too is this princess who carries the blood of elves within veins and exhibits magic in very unusual and prophetic ways. Geralt is supposed to be a monster hunter first and foremost.

It was well worth the wait, and I can not wait until the next installment. Sapkowski himself has distanced himself from the games, stating that they are dissimilar in many ways–which is true.

I struggled a lot with this book: I’m afraid you’ve been had like a bunch of provincial krill. Mar 02, Cody rated it it was amazing Shelves: Wheel of Time Robert Jordan 9.

For more than a hundred years, humans, dwarves, gnomes and elves lived together in relative peace. Lisa from Poland I’ve red Sapkowski’s books about 5 times.

Blood of Elves : Andrzej Sapkowski :

I’ll say it again, though: Yennefer’s interactions with Ciri were my favourite part of the book, ultimately. I have figured out where this is going and why.

Sep 24, Kat Hooper rated it really liked it Shelves: