The Biography of Ramakrishna. Ramakrishna Paramahamsa as The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna (Mylapore: Sri Ramakrsna Math, ), Book 1, p. Born in a rural Bengal village in India, Sri Ramakrishna was the fourth of five children . and the Erotic in the Life and Teachings of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. “Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa born Gadadhar Chattopadhyay was a Hindu religious teacher and an influential figure in the Bengal Renaissance of the.

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Privacy Policy Manage Cookies. Commons Wikiquote Wikisource texts. Sri Ramakrishna was born in a village called Kamarpukur in the og of Hugli Bengal on Wednesday, the 18th of February Ramakrisjna used to pass through three different states of religious consciousness viz. According paramahamssa contemporary reports, Ramakrishna’s linguistic style was unique, even to those who spoke Bengali.

Young Gadadhar was sent to the village school to learn Sanskrit, but a reluctant student he would often play truant. His teachers were impressed with his ability to learn, his amazing memory, and his remarkable talent for spiritual skill. Ramakrishna referred to his wife as the Holy Mother, and it was by this name that she was known to his disciples.

Above all, Ramakrishna had a “grass-roots” appeal equaled by few others in any religious tradition, marked by his love of all men and his enthusiasm for all forms of spirituality.

Ramakrishna Paramhansa : Biography, Life Story, History

Upkar Prakashan — via Google Books. Wikiquote has quotations related to: According to Swami Biograpny ‘s biographyin Govinda Roy, a Hindu guru who practised Sufisminitiated Ramakrishna into Islamand he practiced Islam for three days. Ramakrishna had an extraordinary style of preaching and instructing, convincing even the most skeptical visitors.

He pursued the Divine throughout his life in various forms and believed in divine embodiment of the Supreme Being in every individual. In essence, his teachings were as traditional as ancient sages and seer, yet he remains contemporary throughout the ages.


Ramakrishna srri narrates that, he could actually feel the presence of child Rama as a living God in the metal image.

By now he had come to be known as a great religious teacher. Holy Trio Sri Ramakrishna. These forces are responsible for human entrapment in the cycle of birth and deathand they must be fought and vanquished. Sumit Sarkar argued that he found in the Kathamrita traces of a binary opposition between unlearned oral wisdom and learned literate knowledge.

After the death of their master, the monastic disciples lead by Vivekananda formed a fellowship at a half-ruined house at Baranagar near the river Ganga, with the financial assistance of the householder disciples.

Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa Biography – Life, Facts, Teachings, Contributions

She represents an immense variety of religious and human emotions, from the most primitive to the highest forms, and therefore has a symbolic universality not easily contained within traditional religious forms.

Totapuri looked at the world ramkarishna illusory and the worship of Gods and Godesses as fantasies of the deluded mind. At some point, Ramakrishna visited Nadia, the home of Chaitanya and Nityananda, the 15th-century founders of Bengali Od Vaishnava bhakti.

Religion and the Arts. After Ramakrishna’s death, Sarada Devi continued to play an important role in the nascent religious movement.

He rejected all efforts to worship him personally; rather, he suggested that his presentation of man’s spiritual potential serve as a guide and inspiration to others. He was disturbed by the gross business practices and inhumanity of the city environment. In the Kolkata scene of the mid to late nineteenth century, Ramakrishna was opinionated on the subject of Chakri.

In the West, religions like Christianity and Judaism tend to be exclusive, and find the contradictions that arise from a religion that is too broad to be objectionable.

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Aghoramani Devi, ‘Gopala’s Ma’. When eleven years old, Sri Ramakrishna was one da y going through the corn-fields to Anur, a village near Kamarpukur.

Ramakrishna Paramhansa

He was moved to Shyampukur near Kolkata, where some of the best physicians of the time, including Dr. Ramakrishna describes his first vision of Kali as follows: Totapuri stayed with Ramakrishna for nearly eleven months and instructed him further in the teachings of advaita.

At the age of six or seven, Ramakrishna described an intense experience of spiritual ecstasy. How he treated me! Most of Ramakrishna’s prominent disciples came between — In India, rramakrishna mother is often idealized as one who sacrifices herself for her children and goes to great lengths to satisfy them, and bring them happiness.

Newspapers reported that Ramakrishna was spreading “Love” and “Devotion” among the educated classes of Calcutta and that he had succeeded in reforming the character of some youths whose morals had been corrupt. Born into a poor family who lived a hand to mouth existence, Ramakrishna was neither interested in going to school nor in business. Ramakrishna preferred “the duality of adoring a Divinity beyond himself to the self-annihilating immersion of nirvikalpa samadhi”, and he helped “bring to the realm of Eastern energetics and realization the daemonic celebration that the human is always between a reality it has not yet attained and a reality to which it is no longer limited”.

Legend has it that when Ramakrishna’s father, Khudiram, made a pilgrimage religious journey to the holy place of Gaya, he had a vision of the Hindu god Vishnu, who told Khudiram he would be reincarnated take the form of his next son.