Biography of Shakuntala Devi General Knowledge Biography of Shakuntala Devi . Shakuntala Devi was born on November 4 in Bangalore into an orthodox Brahmin family. Her father, refusing to follow the family priestly. Shakuntala Devi is a mathematical genius renowned as “human computer “. She was born on 4th November AD, in Bangalore. She is.

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Devi wants to “defend the people of Medak from being fooled by Mrs. Bengaluru, KarnatakaIndia. As she gained popularity, Shakuntala Devi acclaimed well as a Mathematician. This news spread across shakutala world and Shakuntala earned the title of the ‘Human Computer’.

She was born in a well-known Brahmin priest family.

Shakuntala Devi is a ddevi known Indian mathematician. Amongst her numerous feats, the most outstanding ones that fetched her name in the Guinness Book of World Records are:.

Shakuntala Devi

There she was asked to calculate the 23rd root of a digit number, which she solved in 50 seconds. Dvei Read Edit View history. Jensen suggested that she perceived large numbers differently from shakunntala. She traveled all around the world exhibiting her impeccable talent.

Sunday 30 December It had taken four minutes for a professor to write the problem on the board, and it took more than a minute for a Univac computer to solve it.

Shakuntala could even outdo some of the fastest available computers of that period. Johar and the mathematician, Mrs Shakuntala Devi. Retrieved 16 December Proud and mercurial Dutch football star who developed a fast-moving and fluid style of play. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In the yearShakuntala Devi extracted the 23rd root of a digit number mentally without any mechanical aid.


See the events in life of Shakuntala Devi in Chronological Order. The New York Times. On BBC Leslie gave her a complex problem to solve. When she was three, Shakuntala began exhibiting precocious skill with numbers, and by the time she was five, could calculate xhakuntala roots.

Her family was a very poor one as her father hardly made enough to make ends meet. Her correct answer was 18,,,, This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

Shakuntala Devi Biography

She was honored with the Guinness Book of records on 18th June when she solved a multiplication problem of two randomly selected digit numbers. Gender and Suakuntala in Asia and the Pacific She claimed to have joined a convent at the age of 10, but to have been expelled within three months because her parents were unable to pay the fees.

Shakuntala Devi was born on November 4 in Bangalore into an orthodox Brahmin family. She is standing as an independent because “parties don’t want intelligent people in the party”.

A year later she amazed mathematicians at Mysore University with her ability to solve complex mathematical problems in her head.

Shakuntala Devi -An Epitome of Brilliance

Shakuntala Devi travelled the world demonstrating her arithmetic talents, including a tour of Europe in and a performance in New York City in Leslie Mitchel, host in BBC channel, once invited her to perform her skill live on the channel in From her 17th floor Cuffe Parade flat she claims that she is ” per cent” sure that she will win from both constituencies.


Inshe wrote The World of Homosexualsthe first [11] study of homosexuality in India. When volunteers wrote problems on a blackboard, Shakuntala Devi would turn around, stare at the problem and come up with the right answer, always in less than a minute.

This book treated homosexuality in a positive light and reviewed the socio-cultural and legal situation of homosexuality in India and contrasted that with the gay ot movement then taking place in the USA. Shakuntala Devi received her early lessons in mathematics from vevi grandfather.

Shakuntala Devi | Shakuntala Devi The Human Computer

Human computer, Devi Shakuntala. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

She is reputed for solving complex mathematical problems effortlessly. With her brilliant mind, Shakuntala Devi was adept at solving arithmetical problems, including functions of addition, multiplication, division, calculating square and cube roots, along with complex algorithms and Vedic Maths.