Bigonoff () La Programmation des PIC par Bigonoff. Seconde Partie ( PIC16F 16F), 7ème Révision. I allready red the tutorial of “bigonoff”, where I found the explanation, but I’m using an 16F or an 16FA . does the code change??). Context: PIC 16F, MPLAB , ICD2 USB, Windows communicating with a debug executive ().

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A notre stade, les carts entre ces 2 PIC sont ngligeables. Basically, the PIC is running the debug executive on the chip at 20MHz, which should work fine at this speed.

The cable between target and ICD2 is 20cm long. Gixy Super Member Total Posts: If yes, one has to put crystal on a support on the target board in order to put a lower speed oscillator during debugger operations. R14 connects well here.

For example, the state they power-up. Back on the air.

Bigonoff pic 16f877 pdf

High frequency current changes just affect the PS in such a way that a lot of noise is induced into the power supply lines, so 16876 devices run from a noisy power source. Strange anyway to have exactly the same problem than Immasson Has anybody encounter such problems and solve them? OK Vito, I’m afraid that on the breadboard I’ve not put caps on supply pins, although I put them on final boards I still believe that it is an ICD2 problem.


It is possible to still use HS at a lower frequency.

Download Bigonoff Pic 16f Pdf Software – litpigi

Do you like living dangerously? It is completely optional and can be uninstalled anytime through the regular software uninstall process. Forums Posts Latest Posts. A PiC with floating inputs could drain bigonofd much current if inputs float to voltages neither high nor low. The final board is finished and still the same problem: Only 35 single word instructions to learn All instructions singlecycle except for program bigonoff pic 16f pdf Le cours sur les PIC 16F 16F de Bigonoff est disponible pages!

Forum Themes Elegant Mobile. No idea on initialization, but let me tell you that a device running at 20MHz can generate a lot of noise itself just by running. Bonne lecture bigonoff pdf un bigonotf merci a Bigonoff pdf.

Well, looking to all related messages, I 16v876 to change the crystal oscillator from 20 to 3. Imasson alias Laurent wrote me that he tried many changes on his bigoniff, and he never exceed 16 MHz for debugging I think that communications are very sensitive with ICD2 and that instead of a breadboard, one must use a prototype board, with soldered parts.


The trademarks and copyrights used to identify the software are used with Internet Interactive Brands Authorization.

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Hope this helps, Vito. Furthermore, it is not so easy to determine the exact sequence to make ICD2 init correctly.

The target is supplied by a lab PS and I’m sure also that there is a big cap in it. What do you think about the init sequence? No hardware change was done. Certains continuent a envoyer des messages sur l’adresse bigonoff hotmail.

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Any advices on the initialization sequence? I’m making a complete development board for my future projects: Hi Ric and Vito, You’re biginoff right and I know all that, but I’ve only to add nF or so to the Vdd pins. March October September August Back on the air!