Final Predictions from the Bestselling Series: Saving the World is the focus of this new book about the Bible Code, a miracle proven real by modern science. The great codes researcher Michael Drosnin, who pioneered the art of predicting assassinations using Equidistant Letter Sequences, is himself encoded in a. Michael Drosnin’s new book Bible Code II – The Countdown exceeds the first one in stupidity. Drosnin’s first chapter concerns the Sep 11 attack on New York.

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Michael Drosnin – Wikipedia

Dec 18, Ana marked it as cpde. First off, it uses Hebrew, which doesn’t use vowels they’re spaced in and around the letters as diacritical marksso that increases the chances of any consecutive string of letters making words.

All the tables discussed here are produced by an experiment performed in accordance with the experimental protocol consistent with the Torah code hypothesis as discussed in the Torah code tutorial.

We only use key words of the form event,year. Add in to that that he rearranges these things constantly look at every 20th letter. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The Bible Code | Book by Michael Drosnin | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

In a sense this book is dangerous; it is a very well written promotion about a theory which is bble, and many eager readers with little background in mathematics will be convinced the idea has merit. This unfortunately clouds the proper understanding of Torah codes. Excepto para el autor. There is truth to Revelation, but people in every generation have bibls the prophecies to their own times, and falsely perceived their ultimate fulfillment there.


Michael Drosnin

This is the subject of the cover graphic US edition which shows “airplane” encoded close to “twin towers”. Aug 22, Benny rated it really liked it. Return to Book Page. Look at every 22nd letter. The compactness measure is the area of the table, the number of rows of the table times the number of columns of the table.

I would think he is alienating most of his potential audience: Islamic — Ishmaelite — Terror. And this comes from someone who takes Bible prophecy seriously and “wants to believe. Simply start at any letter in the Bible, skip ahead a fixed number of letters to the next, and continue until it spells out … well, whatever you like.

Interesting idea, but not quite sure about the facts. Where I have trouble is with Drosnin’s attempts to predict future events – especially since this book was published in Most pages of the book include portions of Bible text that look like word search puzzles so that the reader can see the code, translate Hebrew words into English, and figure out the meaning.

The claim is that major historical events, both past and future, have been encoded within the Hebrew Bible. The Countdown’, and I acknowledge there must be further information of relevance included, though I have not had a chance to read the book, over the past fifteen years.


If I believe God is all-seeing and all-knowing, the idea that we’ve discovered a code written drpsnin thousand years ago for this generation isn’t difficult to grasp. When forced to comment on them by an interviewer, he usually lies through his teeth and claims they are fake.

Some predictions came to startling fruition; others didn’t especially reading this pre book in post years. However, relatively compact tables from the Torah text do not mean anything because there are many relatively compact tables that do not correspond to any event. Drosnin seems to spend a lot of time plugging things into his computer program just to se The topic is fascinating, but the writing is rather banal.

Still, I don’t believe that this would have any kind of cide on anyone’s salvation or lack thereof. The thing about these books – whether we want to believe biblical predictions or not – biblr that they challenge the limits of our imagination and our faith, and not every book that ever hits bookstores can claim that feat.

Refresh and dgosnin again.

No I know a lot are into this but I find it a distraction from what the Bible is. Here’s what it says: We aren’t going to stoop to critiquing such tripe, but instead will just make a few random comments.