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Had to face it like a man. A tongue-knotting curse had struck him mute at the age of thirty. Predily-Chisolm leaned up on his forearms and Mavis gazed at his beautiful abs. The unmistakable surge of energy in his emerging wingtips matched the lion spirit invading his lower extremities. Perhaps Lucifer would be willing to make a deal with her.

She could sit on the bank and rub her calf back into working order. Then she could try again. Never, ever venture so near the loch during a full moon. Joe was doing his best to ignore that fact, although his insides twitched with jealousy. A werewolf howl outside the shed ended that pleasant reverie.

BEWITCHED, BOTHERED & BeVAMPYRED by Gena Showalter | Writerspace

And forty-five is not old. Bevampyre you care to see them, my dear? Nov 01, Edwina Callan rated it really liked it Shelves: No Barbra Streisand for Morgan, uh uh. Rowdy had to ponder that one. Older woman who hasn’t had sex or good sex in a long time, some new person comes along with amazing sex, or something happens to relight their sex life with their husband.


It was the square jaw and brown eyes that slayed Morgan every bevampyerd he glanced her away. Nothing that was still haunted, charmed, cursed, or bewitched could leave the bewitcyed.

Predily-Chisolm was a big boy. Without a pause in his step, he absconded into the nearby forest with her. A rumbling from his stomach signaled gastro-intestinal fire burning his ribs and his crotch. When he did, he felt himself stir and harden. A lopsided grin stretched from ear to ear.

Get them off, get them—Hey, these are nice. And at two hundred fifty -seven plus eighteen or so puppy years, that was a lot of unlechered-at life. Nov 03, Lynne rated it did not like it.

Maybe I can put something in his mouth to hold it open while I look. Her pencil, with a mind of its own, kept moving. Before she could fly into a rage and kick the big fanged lummox where it hurt, Seth slid in the newly slimed mud, grabbed for the garden rake Alice had left leaning against the shed, and did a slippery little cha -cha before plunging headfirst into the marble birdbath jacuzzi Morgan had just installed in her latest makeover project. She looked up at him with huge brown doe-eyes.


I need to get home and feed Romeo.

Bewitched, Bothered & BeVampyred Series by Mary Jo Putney

Though most of her books have been historical, she has also published three bvampyred romances. Watching the vampyre cross the bewitcjed, he relaxed. Could life get any better than this? Still holding the bone, Romeo sprinted away. Great Goddess, could they never get along? Was this an opportunity to make Joe jealous? I repeat sixseven-eight-two with possible six-six-six in unconsecrated sector four-niner, Brokenoggin Falls cemetery.

One of the boxes, the one with the white birch root, shot out from his arms and thudded to the floor.

In less than a heartbeat, she chose sides and acted. And in Brokenoggin Falls, strange things happen in the light of a full moon. Other books in the series.

But I am here for you. And the hugest bulge in his trousers.

Bewitched, Bothered & BeVampyred Series

Not even his name. His muscles tightened with eagerness, and his lips lifted in a grin. He was a breast man— God, he loved a nice rack—and the Tawdry triplets had some of the finest boobs in Brokenoggin.