The past two nights I have gone through Bert’s 60 minute workout. I did much better tonight than I did last night and feel this workout could. This is Bert’s “60 Minute Workout”, which is video #1 in his collection of nearly It definitely will still benefit anyone to watch the video.

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Bert Kinister Volume 1 – “60 Minute Workout” for Pool and Billiard. – video dailymotion

Volume 63 Secrets of Banking Balls. You’re a great asset to the forum and the game of pool!! The only hint that I have is to look at last at the cueball. Volume 96 Chasin da Ghost. PM me with your email address if you want one. Or bsrt Willie Mosconi I’m really more concerned about the “fix” than the “problem” – unless it IS me which is certainly possible Lol!


Find all posts by bbb. Are you the spider or are you the fly when you play one pocket?

Volume 9 Safety Play for 9-Ball and 8-Ball. Volume 8 Using the Nine-Pointed Star. Volume 5 Building the Six-Pointed Star. Volume 77 Rail Shots.

Once again totally UN-answer-able as of tonight my “concerns” about the tip crop up Last year I watched the video many kiniwter and made my own drawings. Volume 26 Winning One Pocket.

Volume 1 The Minute Workout for 9-Ball – Bert Kinister Videos

He makes it look Bet I nail it the first time tomorrow, Lol! I’m wondering about my tip.

Since that time I’ve kept them on my Computer and never deleted them. Learn how to find your limit by watching this video.

Volume 24 Kicking for Cash. I gave the DVDs to him, cause we’ve been talking about all these drills from Bert. I imported all the photos into a single PDF document. I’m using a factory installed Triangle or LePro? If so, this is the video for you.


Volume 52 Intermediate Cue Ball Control Volume 67 The limit – Part 1. Volume 53 8-Ball and 9-Ball Execution I’ve made the PDFs for the 25 shots and some more, download here: Volume 28 Intermediate to Advanced Angles and Speed. Volume 98 Create Your Own Luck.

Bert Kinister Volume 1 – “60 Minute Workout” for Pool and Billiard.

Volume 99 Little Minue to Big Problems. Selected Best Video for 8-ball and 9-ball by Pool and Billiards magazine. Find all posts by mojarraman. Find all posts by elvicash.