Bee Season [Myla Goldberg] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An ordinary girl with an exceptional gift for spelling, young Eliza Naumann . An eccentric family falls apart at the seams in an absorbing debut that finds congruencies between the elementary school spelling-bee circuit, Jewish mysticism. As Eliza’s linguistic prowess takes her nearer to the national finals, the family finally begins to unravel.

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I spent two days at the national competition watching the bee, interviewing contestants, and eavesdropping on parents.

Bee Season

Miriam, a brilliant and compulsive high-powered lawyer, slips easily into the role of wage-earner, happy to leave the emotional demands of family life and parenting to her husband. Each of the story lines in the book was They are a family like any family, with communication trouble, secrets, and compulsions.

Probably it was an accurate reflection of the navel-gazing that typically accompanies such questing, but for me the book lost a bit of momentum towards the end. In a interview at her college alma mater, Goldberg explained her motivation: Aaron, who had a ” religious experience ” at the age of eight it was actually the wing-light of a planefinds himself disillusioned with Judaism and begins to look elsewhere, first to Christianity and then to Buddhism.

I liked goldgerg focus on their relationship. My family history is a potpourri of unpleasant genes that I would hate to pass on to another human being. There are kids who study for the bee by learning word roots and derivations, and these kids get a pretty cool history lesson along with a skill that can actually help them later on in life. I was always waffling between sympathy and disgust with the father.


Looking for More Great Reads? This book is so beautifully written And I felt like Eliza’s transformation from mediocre to genuis was underdeveloped.

What is your background in non-Western religions? To me, they were very one-dimensional. He starts to introduce mystic elements into their studying. But that seems like the kind of narrow-minded, technical criticism Mr Naumann would throw at his daughter’s spelling errors. It’s heartbreaking but true when Aaron starts to ignore Eliza and can’t even look at her face over dinner, kyla she starts winning her spelling bees and winning over their father where their father was previously Aaron’s alone.

There is some interpersonal reason for everything that happens in this book, but the reasoning is never too annoyingly obvious. I believe I understand Myla Goldberg’s intention.

Miriam was the best character. This book is messed up. The search for something spiritual they all share, the hints of Miriam’s mental imbalance in Aaron and Eliza, the way both seaspn are looking to their children to fulfill their dreams. I just felt these sections went on a bit too much and found myself impatient for them to end. Bee Season presents the narrative viewpoints of all the family members.

I was captivated by the fumbling, ineffective parenting. As Eliza stands with the rest of her class, she has already prepared herself for the inevitable descent back to her chair. While guising as a simple plot involving a girl’s quest to win a spelling bee, this book explores topics all the way from mental illness to religious awakenings.

The prevalence of competitions in general shows the American need to be better than anyone else at something, whether it is selling cars or memorizing state capitals or knowing how to spell dvandva. Goleberg Naumann certainly knows this.

Bee Season – Wikipedia

At the National Spelling Bee, Eliza performs well but does not win, so she begins to prepare for the following year, with Saul’s enthusiastic help. Her family, which was already dysfunctional, spirals more and more out of control: And I think it’s better for those of us who are not to recognize that before we screw up the next generation.


The mylz were all very neutral and could have been anywhere in the world. How did you become interested in spelling bees?

She has a frightening experience when she tries to achieve shefa and deliberately misspells a word at the Bee the next day. In Miriam, Saul sees the means to golldberg book-lined study and a lifestyle conducive to mystical advancement.

She is then dragged to various competitions by her father, which she inevitably wins. Feb 16, Marie rated it it was ok Shelves: What difference does it make if a compulsion brings you into strangers’ homes to collect an item that is calling to seasonn, or wash your hands a million times seqson day, or mylaa buy just one more book when you already have so many at home that you will never in one lifetime read them.

She has never wi This book was uninspiring. And Eliza, who is, in the beginning of the book, a sweet, if a little neglected little girl who has finally been discovered a talent and begins to shine, in the end becomes someone who has experienced such a terrifying feeling and sees God and becomes mature, and deliberately misspells a letter in the bee contest.