Juni bei der CSU auf Kritik. Die SPD nennt die CSU “Alpen-Ayatollahs”. Die CSU plant, den Koalitionsausschuss anzurufen. Die Partei hat . Bayernplan Welche Versprechen die CSU gehalten hat – und welche nicht. Sept. Die CSU hat zusätzlich einen eigenen ‘”Bayernplan'” verabschiedet. Hier können Sie sich über das Wahlprogramm informieren. A “Bayernplan” banner by the CSU is seen during the start of a CSU election campaign rally in Munich – Buy this stock photo and explore similar images at.

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Such a coalition is already in place in Berlin and Thuringia at the state level. No one has reason to change a well working system. As a consequence, chairman Frauke Petry left the baysrnplan one day after election day, although commentators think that this was mainly a revenge driven move since the party did not make her the top candidate.

After the CDs accepted the initiative of Social democrats to introduce a minimum wage, wage formation and other labour market regulations should be negotiated between the tariff partners, i.

The Greens are probably facing the biggest strategic dilemma of all parties. For founders the Christian democrats will provide tax breaks.

The horizontal axis represents the economic dimension, differentiating political parties on policy issues related to state intervention in the economy, redistribution, taxation policy and the welfare state.

They are facing the bayernplaj dilemma as the SPD.

Strategy Debates of political parties in Germany (November 2017)

If necessary, the German CDs are in favour for the migration of skilled workers from abroad into the German labour market and German society. The party has strong issue ownership in the policy area of immigration and integration. New and modified issues Changes and advances are to be stated in the fields of internal security, the fight against terrorism, the integration of refugees, the global management of refugee movement and the challenges of a digital world.


However, opposition to the Grand Coalition within the SPD is now much stronger compared tobayernpplan most party members prefer a time of reflection and renewal in opposition. The German political system, internationally revered for its stability, was disrupted by the Bundestag election outcome.

CSU beschließt Aufhängen von Kreuzen in Behörden – Bayern –

However, the negotiations for such a coalition were cancelled by the Liberals. The FDP re-entered the Bundestag after failing to obtain sufficient votes in for the first time in the post-war era. Under leadership of federal chancellor Angela Merkel the German economy recovered significantly und proved to be resistant against different crises e. Chairman Sahra Wagenknecht is part bayernpln the internal faction that wants to address those voter groups, which has already provoked heavy internal fights with the left-libertarian part of the party.

Analysis by political camp. We hope this product contributes bayernolan a constructive discussion.

Right now, it is unclear how this struggle will develop, since the parties seem to have agreed on a trace before a new government is in place. Wir freuen uns, wenn Sie mit uns in den Austausch treten.

Voters did not reward them, although a huge majority of the population was in favour of this policy. Hier geht’s zu den Strategiedebatten Deutschland November Here, typical issues are multiculturalism, immigration, national identity, gender equality and environmentalism. In this overview of political strategy debates of political parties in selected European and non-European countries, the authors strive to present political analyses not in text form, but graphically and pointedly.


A large majority of roughly 80 per cent of the Germans say that Germany is a country in which they feel good and safe. The FDP was voted out of the parliament in — an odd situation for the party with the most governmental participations in Germany.

Although most members of the Greens would probably support this course, the SPD is simply too weak for such an endeavour. The German CDs emphasize the need for skilled workers.

Yet, in order to balance structural differences between the states and to promote national standards in education the central state relieves the states from high expenditures in the educational infrastructure.

Bundestagswahl findet am Jetzt bei Telekom Sport: After a month of negotiations, the FDP walked away from the talks as they perceived that their policy proposals were poorly reflected in the proposed government programme. How were the graphs created? All parties except for the AfD responded to this request.

Sie nutzen einen unsicheren und veralteten Browser! They see Europe not only as a community of shared values but also as a defence community that is challenged by different external threats. By and large, the CD parties are not heading for significant changes in taxation. Auch die Sozialdemokraten nennen ihr Wahlprogramm zuversichtlich “Regierungsprogramm”.

Wahlprogramme der etablierten Parteien. The most salient issues were selected by a team of academics and experts, based on a close examination of the parties’ platforms and media discourse.

These self-placements of parties were subsequently compared with an expert coding. Chinesische Sonde kurz vor Ankunft Video: