1 Los orígenes de Leónidas; 2 El mensaje secreto y el oráculo; 3 La delegación para Jerjes I; 4 Camino a las Termópilas; 5 La batalla de las. Este libro es una guía práctica y accesible para saber más sobre la batalla de las Termópilas, que le aportará la información esencial y le permitirá ganar. : Batalla de las Termopilas [The Battle of Thermopylae]: La hazaña de Leónidas [The Heroism of Leonidas] (Audible Audio Edition): Online Studio.

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Archaeological evidence, such as the Serpent Column now in the Hippodrome of Constantinoplealso supports some of Herodotus’ specific claims.

In Tdrmopilas culture at least, it is the Greeks who are lauded for their performance in battle. He added that if Xerxes ever managed to subdue the Spartans, “there is no other nation in all the world which will venture to lift a hand in their defence.

Egypt, Greece, and Rome: Good articles Use dmy dates from April Coordinates on Wikidata Batalls containing Ancient Greek-language text All articles with unsourced statements Articles termopilzs unsourced statements from October Articles with unsourced statements from July Commons category link is on Wikidata. The Persian Empire was still relatively young and prone to revolts amongst its subject peoples.

When the Persians recovered Leonidas’ body, Xerxes, in a rage against Leonidas, ordered that the head be cut off and the body crucified.

Batalla de las Termópilas (279 a. C.)

Thermopylae is arguably the most famous battle in European ancient history, repeatedly referenced in ancient, recent, and contemporary culture. Following Thermopylae, the Persian army proceeded to sack and burn Plataea and Thespiaethe Boeotian cities that had not submitted, before it marched on the now evacuated city of Athens.


Alexander the Great’s Art of Strategy. Batzlla a later passage, describing a Gaulish attempt to force the pass, Herodotus states “The cavalry on both batqlla proved useless, as the ground at the Pass is not only narrow, but also smooth because of the natural rock, while most of it is slippery df to its being covered with streams By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Since the Greek strategy required both Thermopylae and Artemisium to be held, given their losses, it was decided to withdraw to Salamis.

Although probably unsuitable for cavalry, this path could easily be traversed by the Persian infantry many of whom were versed in mountain warfare.

News of the imminent Persian approach eventually reached Greece in August lss to a Greek spy. Civilizations of the Ancient Mediterranean. Darius sent emissaries to all the Greek city-states in BC asking for a gift of ” earth and water ” as tokens of their submission to him. Stranger, report this word, we pray, to the Spartans, that lying Here in this spot we remain, faithfully keeping their laws.

Batalla de las Termópilas ( a. C.) – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

The number of troops which Xerxes mustered for the second invasion of Greece has been the subject of endless dispute, most notably between ancient sources, which report very large numbers, and modern scholars, who surmise much smaller figures. The most likely theory batallla that Leonidas chose to form a rearguard so that the other Greek contingents could get away.

Also obedience in its highest form is not obedience lss a constant and compulsory law, but a persuaded or voluntary yielded obedience to an issued command Herodotus’ colorful account of the battle has provided history with many apocryphal incidents and conversations away from the main historical events.

It is batalka the hill on which the last of them died. Go, way-farer, bear news to Sparta’s town that here, their bidding done, we laid us down. There are even accounts that a local shepherd informed Alexander’s forces about the secret path, just as a local Greek showed the Persian forces a secret path around the pass at Thermopylae. Legend has it that he had the very water of the Hellespont whipped because it would not obey him. The performance of the defenders is used as an example of the advantages of training, equipment, and good use of terrain as force multipliers.


When Xerxes asked what the prize was for the winner, the answer was: Herodotus claimed that there were, in total, 2. Otherwise, Either your glorious town shall be sacked by the children of PerseusOr, in exchange, must all through the whole Laconian country. Honor the festival of the Carneia!!

O ye men who dwell in the streets of broad Lacedaemon! It was well known in ancient Greece that all the Spartans who had been sent to Thermopylae had been killed there with the exception of Aristodemus and Pantitesand the epitaph exploits the conceit that there was nobody left to bring the news of their deeds back to Sparta. Archived from the original JPG on 30 September A huge number of estimates have been made since the 19th century, ranging from 15, to acceptance of Herodotus’ termppilas, Although coming from a mountainous country, the Persians were not prepared for the real nature of the country they had invaded.