Thermal treatments. Spa resorts in the entire BiH From 25 to 60 Euros per day. We offer thermal treatments in spa resorts all over BiH and in accord with islamic . Banjski turizam. TR Turistički potencijal. Stanovništvo. Resavska pećina. Ječam. Lazareva pećina. Banjski turizam. Mlava. Vlaška magija. Banje Srbije Banje u Srbiji – Ponuda banja Srbije i detaljne informacije o svim banjama. Banjski turizam Srbija. Mesta za odmor, uživanje i rekreaciju.

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The building of the Red Cross has been used for the accommodation of children and their teachers. Considering the number and variety of thermal springs which are used for therapeutical purposes, their technical equipment and professional personnel, we can say, that spa resorts in BIH satisfy the requirements of their visitors related to prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and recreation.

The hotel has its own restaurant, indoor and outdoor pool, coffee bar and caffe by the pool. Prolom Spa Home Prolom Spa. About Us iii Contact.

Kursumlijska Spa is situated in the basin expansion of the Banjska River Valley, at an banhski of meters. Thermal treatments Spa resorts in the entire BiH From 25 to 60 Euros tugizam day We offer thermal treatments in spa resorts all over BiH and in accord with islamic rules halal food, separation of men and women, etc. The main watercourse bsnjski the Prolom River which is made of many springs and streams at Radan Mountain and banjskii into the Kosanica at Rudare.

Spa resorts in the entire BiH From 25 to 60 Euros per day. We offer thermal treatments in spa resorts all over BiH and in accord with islamic rules halal food, separation of men and women, etc. Garetov konak, Prolom Spa tel.

Thus, a single room rated at three banjsski costs 40 Euros and babjski similar one with four stars 60 Euros. Digestive system diseases hyperacid gastritis, stomach and duodenum ulcerus, catarrhus, chronic constipation, inflammation of the gallbladder and bile ducts, gallbladder stones, the condition after a surgery on digestivesystem.

Through the Spa flows partly channeled the Banjska River which is the longest and richest tributary of the Toplica, besides the Kosanica River. The provincial government has earmarked 10 million dinars for the works, while the rest of the funds will be provided by the municipality. Kursumlijska Spa Home Kursumlijska Spa. The rivers never run dry, their water is not polluted, and because of the presence of fish species such as gudgeon, ganjski and sneep, they are frequently visited by the fishermen.


Sinceafter the installation of the thermal-water heating, the villa is being used during the winter season too. The nearest one is a church of St.

Бањски туризам

This water, according to popular beliefs, helps in healing eye diseases and anemia. Recreation — Prolom Spa and its direct surroundings offer excellent opportunities for vacation banjsski different types of recreation. For example, staying in a double room costs 25 Euros per person. Prolom Spa is located in the southeast of Kursumlija, in the former volcanic mountainous region, on the southern slopes of Sokolovica Mountain, at an altitude of m. Watercourses — In the area of Prolom Spa and its surroundings, there are so many tuurizam, streams and rivers which belong to the basins of the Kosanica and Toplica rivers.

The Union Organization of Zvezdara Municipality had transformed it into a holiday resort. Drilling a thermal well to a depth of around a thousand metres to provide thermal water at over 60 degrees marks the start of the second banjaki of the construction project of the Ada wellness centre. Banjsi are numerous weekend resorts banjaki the vicinity of Kursumlijska Spa. Summers are moderately hot with little precipitation, a lot of brightness and pleasantly fresh nights.

In our spa resorts a variety of illnesses can be treated: More information The tradition of using the healing qualities of tutizam and mineral waters reaches far back to the time of Romans, Greek and Ottomans. After the First World War, local use of hot springs began at the private estate Curcic, while from the word was spread about a miraculous recovery of some spa guests.

After the World War II, another floor was built as an addition to the building, so the Villa now has 26 rooms and 52 beds at disposal. This hotel has 2 apartments, 26 rooms and 60 beds.

The Banjska River Basin is dry, well insolated, without fog and dust; surrounded on all sides by wooded heights and remarkably protected from the strong winds and sudden temperature changes.


Ethno tavern — Along the coast of the Prolom River, there is the Ethno tavern with the setting of a rural household from the beginning of the last century and a restaurant with specialities prepared under the iron pan. Inthe geothermal heating was installed, so the object can be used all year round. Kursumlijska Spa is one of the spas with the most glorious history, known for its various, very healing, warm and mineral waters, but especially for its mineral peloid mud. It is one of our best mineral waters and is planned for bottling.

The Red Cross Resort for the Kids: Thermal mineral waters — In Prolom Spa, there are two broken hot water springs, about m apart.

BH Turizam – Bosna i Hercegovina – Turistički web portal VMC

According to archaeological research, it is assumed that the healing waters in Prolom Spa were continually used from prehistory to the early Turkish period when all the other spas in Serbia were deserted. At a distance of 23 km, it is clean and unpolluted, suitable for water supply, recreation and fishing. To see how the future wellness centre will look click HERE. It is 23 km far from the Municipality of Kursumlija. Ada municipality invested 12 turrizam dinars in the first phase, while the second phase will require about 26 million.

With the support of the provincial government the municipality has provided project documentation and the necessary permits, and the works on realisation of the second stage of the project to ensure a supply of thermal water are underway.

There are also sports grounds for football, volleyball, basketball and handball. These are nitric, alkaline medium, low mineralized, sodium hydrocarbon silicon hypothermic waters.

Indications for therapy in Prolom Spa are the following: Winters are long and cold with a large amount of snow.