In David Wellington’s supernatural novel “Frostbite,” hiker Cheyenne Clark is lost . Balas de Plata tiene todo que un libro necesita para convertirse en un éxito. Overwinter has ratings and 92 reviews. Sammy said: Howling Stars for OverwinterWow. What an amazing action packed ending to the werewolf series. This is a cross-genre novel by upcoming urban fantasy and horror author, David Wellington. There’s one sound a woman doesn’t want to hear when she’s lost.

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Of course it was all good, logical and understandable but still She teams up with a vampire hunter to track down a kill the werewolf in the wilds of northern Canada.

When she tries to seek refuge, she finds a tree to climb up high. Im really just blah about it, maybe because I love the first one too much and felt I must be the only person on here who loved Lucie.

Cursed Cheyenne Clark 1 by David Wellington. May 21, Red Lace Reviews rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: The story begins with Cheyenne Clark lost, hungry, cold and lonely in the Arctic amid the trees and ‘Cursed: This was a great read that I cou If you enjoy a werewolf story different than others out there, then this is for you.

PS-if you want to know how this all began be sure to check out frostbite the first entry in this series. He takes her to get help, and they meet Powell.


Overwinter is full of suspense, action and drama. The wolf and human as separate beings is more enjoyable than them being the same. May 16, Leevana wllington it liked it. Although the beginning was a bit slow and it took a while a couple of chapters at least to figure out who was who and what was going on, the story gradually picked up pace to become an intensely gripping novel that I literally could not stop reading.

I left it at 4. Nobody can help her decide; her thoughts have to battle themselves before she can make one final choice.

Cursed (Cheyenne Clark, #1) by David Wellington (5 star ratings)

Mar 21, Ewllington rated it really liked it Shelves: I’m really hoping the author has plans for a third book. Powell loves Chey, but can’t turn Lucie away.

He also holds a masters degree in Library Science from Pratt Ewllington. Page turner for sure! Preview — Cursed davidd David Wellington. What can I say besides who does not love dire wolves. Wellington is so good at being consistent with his characters without being monotonous. This series was never supposed to be all lovely with butterflies and a wellijgton.

This was a good book. I do not think that it was beacuse i read it the wrong way, it was more like for some odd reason i kept on missing things in the book and had to go back and re-read what had happened to make sure i understood what was going on. Chey Clark is alone searching for her monstrous quarry and despite her careful preparations still gets more than she bargains for when she catches up with the gigantic wolf she believes killed her father when she was a teen.


To say a few words on it, it was sexy, different, vivid, weird and sometimes gritty. Alliances are formed and no one can be trusted as friends become enemies and nothing is wellingtonn it seams.

Cursed (Cheyenne Clark, #1) by David Wellington (4 star ratings)

Though the nice thing is when you read a lot of books they help. I didn’t care for the Canadian secret ops perspective, it was useless and didn’t lead to anything by the end of the novel. She ventures outall alone in the Great Arctic Circle on a trail of a dellington secret that is about to unfold itself right in to her reality.

Jan 25, Shad rated it it was ok. Cheyenne Clark 2 books.

A Werewolf’s Tale’ is an absolutely fascinating read and for more fur, fangs and fear I am hoping to read the sequel, ‘Ravaged’, otherwise known as ‘Overwinter’, very soon! Creepy but so very true.


My initial surprise in this book was wellijgton how well Wellington wrote a female. They hike further into the wilderness, and to his run-down truck.

Makes you imagine what it like be a wolf.