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These provisionally marked pieces hypotheses then become objects of further research to validate our assumptions about their markings. Arthur Maurice Hocart, Kingship[] repr. These examples show why it is so difficult to see through centuries of disinformation. But, here, in Jerusalem, though we are foreigners, we are subjected to the laws of the Temple of Jerusalem.

Existence of Turanian ethno-linguistic group dismissed Based on the unsubstantiated claims that the Sumerians were an “isolate” ethno-linguistic group and that the Uralic and Altaic groups are “not related”, Indo-European linguists deny the existence of an ancient Turanian ethno-linguistic group which included the Sumerians and the Scythians despite evidence to the contrary, evidence which they simply ignore or dismiss without valid justification.

Máthé Áron: Az identitás, ami kiállta az idők próbáját | Mandiner

Mary could not have been Semite, Hebrew or Jewish either by birth or by rearing, and. Therefore, nothing in these lines is meant to hold these dedicated people responsible for the doings of the Church.

Osiris,pp. One of these is the principality of Persia the later Sassanids. Az apostol The apostle [Excerpt], in free translation from Hungarian.

This poses no serious problem if the time for this origin and dispersion is put at the earliest Neolithic. He remarked that “The Hungarian language goes far back. That is what they teach in their religious education classes.

City and major seaport 30km north of Beirut, believed to be the oldest continuously inhabited city dating from BC. And there is another problem with the very existence of a “Bethlehem of Judea” in Jesus’ time.

He also tries to force his way into Galilee, but runs into armed opposition as soon as he reaches Samaria and must sue nadiny a peace treaty by way of the Parthian governor, Prince Adiabene.


File:Badiny Jós Ferenc plaque (Balassagyarmat Szondi u 1).jpg

But some of the evidence did survive and found its way into the hands of homeowners and tradesmen who were also schooled in these ancient writings. Jesus was, in fact, born in Bethlehem. So we all have a life decision to make. So it would seem that Bethlehem of Judea as Jesus’ birthplace is mere fabrication and its association with “the village where David was” is attempted reverse engineering to uphold derenc prophecy.

Instead of ferend old single-party-line the press with some outstanding exceptions now serves party and corporate interests.

Badiny Jós Ferenc (Author of Igaz történelmünk vezérfonala Árpádig)

How could a newborn have committed a sin, any sin; and how can someone be held responsible for the actions of another over whom he has no control?

Society’s aversion is to people who preach, enforce, practice, or condone the ideologies of Judaism, whatever their race, culture, or religion—if any.

In your presence, I give him my hand as a sign of my respect and authority. Basiny if we start looking in the direction of a royal palace, then we can put to rest any myth of Jesus being born in a cave or stable.

A pártus herceg rokonsága

Such theories as Sumerian-Hungarian [22] or Celtic-Hungarian [23] continuity theories, and such works as Serbs, The Oldest Nation[24] Hungarian as the most ancient language, [25] The Hungarian Origins of Easter [26] and The Ancient Hungarian Origins of the Wheel [27] are supported, created, or disseminated by scholars from the Hungarian or Serbian diaspora. Assyrologist Parpola says they are the Kuti biblical goiim people.

Note the differing spellings of Sumerian in the various titles. Light creates wisdom, benevolence, the arts and is the source of life; while apathy, ignorance, envy, hatred, vengeance, dishonesty, greed, theft, deception, insincerity and wasteful ios fall under the domain of darkness. My son would like to ask of you a great assistance but, since he is not good in the use of words, he put his request in ‘writing’ and would like to give that writing to you.


So badinu takes disciplined intellectual effort to identify and weed out parasitic ideologies that choke the knowledge needed for spiritual growth. During badinh Early Modern Period, Jews resort to a logical fallacy to pass themselves off as the ancient people of Mesopotamia. The Hungarian word for Christian does not derive from the word Christ: After the descent of the Holy Spirit, he went into many provinces to preach Christ’s Gospel.

I speak of what I saw at my Father’s; you, too, do what you do because that is what you saw at your fathers’. Single-source origin of Indo-Europeans This is the so-called “family tree” theory which claims that the Indo-European languages and peoples originate from a single common ancestral language, people and homeland, based on Grimm’s linguistic theory of sound change.

Retrieved from ” https: At this point, the high-priests of the Temple of Jerusalem try to persuade Prince Adiabene—known to the Jews only as Joachim—to divorce his js and take on a Jewish woman who will surely bear him a child.

University of North Carolina Press, They build their churches on mountain tops, hills and high grounds, where people gather and direct their supplications to the Virgin of Light Inanna, Istar, Astare, Astoret, Anahitaand to the Son of Light Bal, Mitra.

The name Jesus of Nazareth is but a fabrication because no such town existed [See below]. The Hebrews invade Canaan but are halted ferenx of Sidon. Further, this quotation clearly indicates Jesus’ rejection of not only Jewish sacrifice-ideology but also Moses-ideology. As the matter of fact, we cannot find any trace of a carpenter named Joseph anywhere in history.

Jerico is the territory of today’s Israel but, in Paleolithic and Neolithic times, there were no traces of Semitic or, to be more precise, Jewish populations. It is common knowledge that different faiths have different expectations of their gods. Mark calls Nazareth Jesus’ hometown 6: