There are a couple of common issues with the BB7 that crop up in many of the forums, many of them due to not taking care with the setup of them. One of the. Avid’s BB7 cable disc brake is an economical stopper that is a great low in your BB7, as well as a great setup video showing you the process. For these Avid BB7s, both of the red knobs are turned counter-clockwise until To install the new pads (or the old ones), simply reverse the removal process. Some brakes allow you to install the pads individually but the BB7.

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Gore ride-on sealed brake cables are the best, the one i’ve got on the front i’ve had for 3 years and never had to change it.

The caliper will now be centred properly. Its a division statement. However in practice this doesn’t always give the best performance.

How to replace Avid BB7 brake pads in “new” calipers? – Bicycles Stack Exchange

Caezar Dec 28, at 2: If the inboard pad is too far out, when you hit the brake, the outboard pad will clamp the rotor against the caliper instead of the brake pad. The brake pads sit in the caliper in two orientations. I’m not saying you can’t get BB7s to avie really nice [for a mechanical brake], but honestly if you want stopping power, even a relatively inexpensive hydraulic disc brake is going to way out-perform a mechanical one. This is most certainly down to the type of cable and routing being used.


Home Questions Tags Users Instalaltion. DirtyDee Dec 28, at 3: It’s impossible to adjust them correctly and they always move from side to side when you braking hard and damage your installaton and brake pads.

Mechanical Mondays: Setting Up Your Mechanical Disc Brakes Correctly

If you’ve never worked with Avid’s BB7 brake you’ll be doing yourself a big favor by taking a few minutes to read the instructions found on the RockShox site before watching the video below.

And if you break them on the trail there’s no mess, just take the whole unit off and put it in your bag and carry on riding. There is no denying that disc brakes are gaining in popu… http: Loosen the mounting bolts. If you doubt your skills, take the bike to your local shop and have them do the work for you. With the brake attached to the bike, loosen the caliper mounting bolts. The pads moved ever so slightly as the ears pushed past the re-entrant portion of the steel cap.

This site is not endorsed or affiliated with SRAM in any way or form. On Shimano brakes, if you are having difficulties with installattion rotor touching the top of one pad and the bottom of another, then you may likely need to have your disc tabs faced.

Better yet, print them out to have them on hand in case you get lost. Setting up disc brakes inxtallation is going to be a big new part of cyclocross. Santa Cruz Bronson V3 views. I’ll Be a Supporter. We are trying to achieve a brake in which the brake pads are aligned squarely with the rotor and the inboard pad protrudes bbb7 enough into the caliper to provide full clamping of the rotor between the two pads.


Your risk injury or death if your brakes are not setup correctly. It isn’t always the disc brake that is making the noise.

Tech Tuesday – Avid BB7 Cable Disk Brake Setup – Pinkbike

Don’t even take them out. As well as this, please make sure that you use a good pair of cable cutters such as the ones from Park Tool.

This will installaion no good for braking power or noise! You must login to Pinkbike. Compressionless brake housing differs from index housing in that it’s reinforced. Sometimes both pads hang up short. Have a look at Tech Tuesday 16 where we covered cockpit setup for more information. As a result you must make sure that you finish the cable housing ends and file them down so that they are smooth and free from any burrs.

Any grease or lube that you get on the bv7 or pads will quickly make them useless. The BB7’s in particular may make a noise for a while until they have nistallation in. I love my BB7 mechanical brakes. Each of the pads has an indentation for a nub on the calipers so you should be able to feel when the pads are nested properly. This is a good practice for almost all of your bolted components.