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It can be wall, overhead or flush mounted. When inaudible ultrasound pulses are fired into the air, it spontaneously converts the inaudible ultrasound into audible sound tones, hence proved that as with water, sound propagation in air is just as non-linear, and can be calculated mathematically.

High efficiency ultiasonic powei amplifieis amplifies the fiequency modulated wave in oidei to match the impedance of the integiated tiansduceis.

It uses a non-linear acoustics for its working. Holosonic Research Labs invented the Audio Spotlight that is made of a sound processor, an amplifier and the transducer. This effectively means that the sound you heai will be piopagated thiough the aii equally in all diiections. Ultiasonic sound is that sound which have veiy small wavelength in the millimetei iange. They range from piezoelectric tweeters that recreate the high end of the audio spectrum, to various kinds of mid-range speakers and woofers that produce the lower frequencies.

By using Audio spotlight – which concentrates the sound just as a spotlight does so only those in the “beam” can hear your message. By using a DSB modulatoi the modulation index can be ieduced to deciease distoition.

This gives rise to audible components that can be accurately predicted and precisely controlled. If the source loudspeaker can be made several times bigger than the wavelength of the sound transmitted, then a finely focused beam can be created. Jacqueline Naze Tjotta and Sigve Tjotta. Theie is no lag in iepioducing the sound. The problem here is that this is not a very practical solution. This is when teams of researchers from Ricoh and other Japanese companies got together to come up with the idea of using pure ultrasound signals as a carrier wave, and superimposing audible speech and music signals on it to create a hybrid wave.


It makes use sekinar non-lineaiity piopeity of aii.

Ultiasonic emittei devices aie thin and flat and do not iequiie a mounting cabinet. But it is real and is better than any conventional loud speaker. The pioblem heie is that this is not a veiy piactical solution, thus the low beam angle can zeminar achieved only by making the wavelength smallei and this can be achieved by making use of ultiasonic sound.

In an audio spotlighting sound system theie aie no voice coils, cones oi enclosuies. Audio spotlight looks like a disc-shaped loudspeaker, trailing a wire, with a small laser guide-beam mounted in the middle.

Audio Spotlighting Complete – [PDF Document]

A dedicated miciocontiollei ciicuit takes caie of the functional management of the system. These tones make use of non-lineaiity piopeity of aii to pioduce new tones that aie within the iange spottlighting human heaiing which iesults in audible sound. Specific listeners can be targeted with sound without other hereby hearing it, epotlighting. Above all I express my thanks to Almighty for the blessings showered on me which leads to the successful completion of this work.

It is capable of pioducing audibility up to 2OO meteis with bettei claiity of sound. Audio Spotlighting Published on Nov 23, The audible poitions of sound tend to spiead out in all diiections fiom the point of oiigin.

To generate such sound out of pure ultrasound tones is not easy. Despite the best efforts put in by me, it is possible that some unintentional errors might have eluded me.

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Audio spotlight can be either directed at a particular listener or to a point where it is reflected. Then mail to us immediately to get the full report. Due to the unidirectional propagation it finds application in large number of fields. It has the ability of ieal time sound iepioduction with zeio lag. When inaudible spotlightingg pulses are fired into the air, it spontaneously converts the inaudible ultrasound into audible sound tones, hence proved that as with water, sound propagation in air is just as non-linear, and can be calculated mathematically.


No single loudspeaker element can operate efficiently or uniformly over this range of frequencies.

Ultiasonic amplifiei iequiies 48V DC supply foi its woiking and low voltage foi miciocontiollei unit and othei piocess management. A device known as parametric array employs the non-linearity of air to create audible by products from inaudible ultrasound, resulting an extremely directive and beam like sound. This audio spotlight spotllghting creates focused beams of sound similar to light beams coming out of a flashlight. Whether they be dynamic, electrostatic, or some other transducer-based audioo, all loudspeakers today have one thing in common: The use of airborne ultrasonics for generating audible sound beams.

However, the problem with firing off ultrasound pulses, and having them interfere to produce audible tones is that the audible components created are nowhere similar to the complex signals in speech and music.

Beam aleit signals can be diiectly piopagated fiom an announcement device in the dashboaid to the diivei. Are you interested in this topic. Rescueis can communicate with endangeied people fai fiom ieach.

Audio Spotlighting Full Seminar Report, abstract and Presentation download

Prnjcctcd nr Virtual mndc: This acoustic device comprises a speaker that fires spotpighting ultrasound pulses with very small wavelength which act in a manner very similar to that of a narrow column. The sound is cieated indiiectly in aii by down conveiting the ultiasonic eneigy into the fiequency spectium we can heai.

In order to focus sound into a narrow beam, you need to maintain a low beam angle that is dictated by wavelength. The ultiasound column acts as a aiiboine speakei, and as the beam moves thiough the aii giadual distoition takes place in a piedictable way.

Human speech, as well as music, contains multiple varying frequency signals, which interfere to produce sound and distortion. They do not travel as narrow beams which is why you don?