Title, La scoperta dell’atomo magnetico. Attualità e coscienza. Author, Pier Luigi Ighina. Publisher, Atlantide, ISBN, , Title, La scoperta dell’atomo magnetico: con 21 figurazioni. Author, Pier Luigi Ighina. Edition, 2. Publisher, Galeati, Length, 87 pages. Export Citation. Pier Luigi Ighina ( in Milan – in Imola), was an Italian researcher. His unorthodox Bibliography[edit]. Pier Luigi Ighina, La scoperta dell’atomo magnetico, Imola, Galeati, (ISBN X). Giusy Zitoli, Io l’ho conosciuto.

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The atom produces a pulse that expands from the center and is represented by a thin bright circle.

His unorthodox theories on electromagnetism are not recognized by the scientific community. During his whole life he has worked without being recognized by the scientific community and achieving incredible results which are even today not imaginable for most scientists.

La scoperta dell’atomo magnetico – Pier Luigi Ighina – Google Books

But there was still a problem: Retrieved from ” https: Sappiamo che fuori, per strada, gironzolano carabinieri in borghese. Nel libro, suddiviso nelle due sezioni teoria I e tecnica IIl’Autore descrive le sue ricerche nel campo della fisica dell’atomo, in particolare la scoperta dell’atomo magnetico.

One day, while analysing the radioactivity of certain substances with a Muller counter, he noticed that he had a quite strong magnetic radioactive reaction on motorcycles that had run on the Imola racing circuit. After two days somebody took the balloon back to him. Based on this claims, Ighina built some extravagant machines: It seems that only the tip of your finger is enough to discover the point atkmo nature of the malfunction.

As ighinaa said, with this machine and his theories he was able to change a peach tree into an apple tree. Today he is convinced of being a “planned” and that his task is ihina bring pursuing an important mission, that of regeneration of humanity into the well.

Nagnetico has experimentally proved that the formation of electricity in the clouds is due to the planetary magnetic field: The opposite igghina be done in case of landing. By now we were only us in the field, there, in front of the “magnetic stroboscopio. Mirko Kulig The Magnetic Atom. Still inhe started some experiments to analyse the underground.


Pier Luigi Ighina

Meanwhile, even in this short period of rest, the affection and solidarity of its collaborators and friends accompany the equally with regard to help and support in future for his mission of peace and brotherhood among men. So they started to excite it with strong magnetic fields and strong electric tensions, causing the alteration of the atom itself.

Ighina nel con il microscopio atomico lenticolare, viene ripreso l’atomo magnetico, con i cinque cataletti di atomi assorbenti. Informazioni riprese dal libro: He thus had to create an identical field to that of the matter to explore, and then put that matter inside the apparatus.

After that he was able to create different Hydrocarbons from simple methane. The igniting motion of the disks was furnished by a nickel-chrome battery.

All this happens at a determined rotation which has to be discovered together with the variations of the potentiometer. While working even at night together with his collaborators and behind the precise instructions from the sky has noticed to be lagging behind in the construction of the mechanism designed.

He noticed that the irradiations of radioactive metals was due to these small atoms which reacted with the radioactive metal atoms taking them to their maximum motion and creating an amorphous state of matter around; this amorphous matter would not allow the growing motion to disperse by hitting atoms in the surrounding area.

This way the magnetoco atoms always keep a little motion which can last for long periods without the necessity of the atomk reactions produced by alimentation. The famous Italian musician Franco Battiato cited directly the claims of Ighina in his album Pollution These coils had the property of creating a magnetic field on the surface of the saucer. So, though we can not explain why some you saw these “illusions” and others do not.


Pier Luigi Ighina – Wikipedia

It can thus excite the magnetic atoms of all matter, especially those of humans because they are more sensible. He thus had to create an identical field magmetico that of the matter to explore, and then put that matter inside the apparatus. The experiment of “neutralization” of a dense agglomeration of clouds made by frontier scientist Pierluigi Ighina.

But, according to he says, a lot of information and suggestions came directly from intelligence extraterrestrials, strongly affected by these attitudes and the depth of its insights in that sector Technical and Scientific.

In fact they serve operators and planned land, which acting on their advice and direct ammaestramento. See then the results obtained in various experiences: The big problem of this model of saucer was that with the high speed the funnels would melt due to the friction with the air. L’atomo magnetico – Studi, teorie, progetti e applicazioni di grandi scoperte scientifiche. He was thus able to control the energy of the matter. This article has multiple issues. This article is an orphanas no other articles link to it.

Based on the technology of the microscope, he built a telescope and could see water, mountains, vegetation, fauna and beings similar to humans on the moons surface. Many lamps applied two rotating blades to spread their blinding light, intermittent and rhythm.

In the meantime the atom has diminished the motion of the magnetic atom, so the latter will find another atom with that new motion sensitivity and transmit motion to this one until it has reached its maximum motion, then detach and so on until the magnetic atom has reached its minimum pulsation. The wait is really snervante and the hope is at the height.