‘ATHMA VIDYA VILASA’ OF AVADHOOTHA .. describing the splendor of Atma vidya everyday, will grow mature in the wisdom of the supreme. [Advaita-l] Atma Vidya Vilasa – mp3 audio. Ravi Kiran ravikiranm at . Wed Jul 13 CDT Previous message: [Advaita-l] Dvaita Accepts. Swamini Lalitananda has joined hands with Sri. Omananda Swamiji in a noble undertaking. Together they are raising funds to house, feed and educate over.

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He stands unaffected like a rock in a storm. He by Self-Bliss makes them feel inner harmony and removes all their ills since he is a Brahma Jnani. Nor does he accept anything, considering is good. Atman is all pervading, Pure Consciousness and Infinite Bliss. But again his desires are not different from him.

He is said to be in ‘Unmani’ state, the state in which he has found the ruby in his Heart, stma nectar is flowing. The eternal That Tat shines, vivya by the eye, the nose and the tongue, free from the gunas of Sattva, Rajas and Tamas, the One Truth, peerless and unafraid.

It is through his tremendous power and message flowing from his lips, I understood my identity vilaasa the all-pervading Brahman. He is blooming without impurities, without the consciousness of day and night. The Vedas describe That like this: Having renounced all, he moves about naked.

Alone the happy one enjoys, remaining in the close embrace of Shanti equanimity on the bed of his own Ananda blissserene and unruffled by all other sensations. Whatever be its composition, nothing stands in the realization of the Self. He is not bound by sanyasi dharma either. He was a Digambara.

Unique he triumphs, wandering at will, in the forest of Fearlessness, having felled the cruel tiger called Chitta mentality with the sharp edged sword of his brave mind manas. The wise man contemplating daily on the splendor of atma vidya described here will grow ripe in the wisdom of the Supreme Soul and reach at once the Ultimate Truth. He gradually withdrew from the active administration of the Mutt starting from the year and devoted increasingly to spiritual practices.


The Recluse shines as a king of kings, resting serenely on the soft bed of bare ground, with cool breeze as his unique chamara royal whisk and with the full moon as the lamp of his royal chamber. He is Siva, the Purusha and the Siddha. They are asked to show ‘mudras’ – hand posture, to the divine will.

There the young Shivarama came under the influence of what were renowned as the triumvirate of Bhajana tradition viz. Enjoying the fruit of the prarabdha karma, the wise man destroys all karma and having slipped off the bonds which bind him through his body, he becomes verily the Absolute Brahman. His mind is ever balanced, tranquil and suddha, pure. I bow down to that first great Teacher Sri Dakshinamurti who is immaculate, whose lotus hand is in the Chinmudra pose, who bestows on His devotees all their desires, and who is overflowing with endless bliss.

[Advaita-l] Atma Vidya Vilasa – mp3 audio

This is the supreme utterance of the Avadhuta, purified by meditation. He wanders about, with his desires crushed and with his pride, self esteem and envy all gone, realizing in his mind atmma this universe in its entirety is insubstantial and proceeds from Maya. Like a sperm and an ovum, before oraganogenesis, he has no worry and anxiety, ever free from fear and sorrow. He is also said to be in all the worlds of the universe. Embracing the lady Virati equanimity and by bliss overpowered, he sleeps with his hand for a pillow, with nothing for coverlet, and with the bare ground as bedding.

When the earth is absent, there are no pots and jars. Sadashiva Brahmendra saw reason in the argument. He wished to die with those verses ringing in his ears. He cannot be visualized through your eyes, for he is experiential. He is moving in the celestial garden of Atman and hence he is ever fragrant.

The man who knows vliasa Self accepts as a rosary the rows of blue lily xtma in lonely places and as a divine healing herb kalpavalli the absence vidyaa carnal desire and as magic pills of immortality, in the absence of egoism. Sadashiva Brahmendra was an active young mantalkative and always chirping away.


Its subject is renunciation.

[Advaita-l] Atma Vidya Vilasa – mp3 audio

He is totally unconcerned and just enjoys actions as a Non Entity. He looked wild and insane. This vilass based on the oral tradition that Sadashiva Brahmendra presented a copy of his work Atma Vidya Vilasa to King Sharbhoji when the king called on the Avadhuta to pay his respects.

Sadashiva Brahmendra remained in that state; beyond body consciousness, not bound by ordinary social conventions and worldly concerns for a long period. For the advanced souls, he is in the Space. Alone, a mendicant is disporting himself as he pleases, free from all bondage, having reached the stage of perfection with his pure, full blown Knowledge Bliss. The good Ascetic, from whose heart darkness has been ivdya by the sun like radiance of his good Guru’s Grace, is sporting in the boundless ocean of Bliss.

The Yogin sees nothing; nor does he speak; he does not hear any word, that is spoken. Even in pleasures from vilassa articles, there is ananda, bliss, but it is short lived.

Atma vidya vilasa | sreenivasarao’s blogs

The Sage rejects nothing, considering it bad. He makes every effort to tame that mind, with his mind!

Taking rest in the outskirts of the forest and regarding the entire universe as a mere blade of grass, the Yogin, his body smeared with mud and straw, enjoys secret Bliss in regions beyond old age and death. Home Help Search Login Register. He behaves like a lunatic smearing mud on his body and roams about in the forests all alone. Narayanan; Published by Kamakoti Kosasthanam, Chennai.

He has no use for social etiquette. I whose divine greatness has been awakened by the teaching of my Guru preceptor Paramsivendra. He is incomparable, imperishable, second to none, Ananda.