It is a dispersant for aqueous suspension concentrates. It is useful in pesticide formulations for keeping particles in a deflocculated state by the for. Aug 30, One example of a polymeric dispersant with a higher HLB value ~ is Croda’s Atlox , Figure 2. Atlox is a hydrophilic methyl. View details of Atlox import data and shipment reports in US with product description, price, date, quantity, major us ports, countries and buyer, supplier.

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This process is particularly suitable for the preparation of stable aqueous suspensions of organic pesticide compounds having a limited water solubility and a low melting point and which are capable of forming at least one stable crystalline form. Preferred graft copolymers of the group c.

The aqueous suspension to be added to the aqueous emulsion of the pesticide compound can be prepared by standard procedures for the preparation of aqueous suspensions of organic pesticide compounds. It is useful in pesticide formulations for keeping particles atpox a deflocculated state by the formation of protective layers around them. To this emulsion, stlox 10 grams of the aqueous suspension of step a was added at 40 0 C and the mixture was allowed to continue through the colloid mill for further 15 min.

This is, because the pesticide compound particles might undergo uncontrolled particle growth due to “Ostwald’s ripening” as the residual solubility of the pesticide in the aqueous suspension medium will be sufficient to allow crystallization processes such aylox crystallization of amorphous material or phase change of allotropic forms if the pesticide is capable of forming poly- morphs.

Preferred graft or comb copolymers of the group c. Examples of suitable antifoam agents include e. Then 30 grams of crystalline pyraclostrobin were added and dispersed atoox a ahlox shear mixer. Recently, AgroPages leant from Zhejiang Zhongshan Chemical Group, a Chinese leading atlod manufacture that the company has completed a number of pesticid BR Ref legal event code: When emulsifying the melt the pesticide droplets are usually comminuted to achieve the desired droplet size.


The further pesticide compound may also be added as a liquid, e. There are many different mechanisms in which stabilisation can be achieved by the surfactant system and one of the most common is by steric stabilisation. The compositions of the invention may optionally comprise also coloring agents such as pigments or dyes, in particular, if the composition is intended for seed treatment purposes.

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Preferably, the water contains one or more of the aforementioned surfactants in the aforementioned concentrations. For low melting pesticides the preparation of solid, in particular crystalline, material is often difficult. The characteristic data of the crystal structure of form IV modification IV are summarized in table Besides water, the aqueous phase may generally contain one or more surfactants which are suitable for stabilising the droplets in the aqueous phase.

The force-distance curves below indicate only one minimum whose depth depends on several factors, importantly one of which is the adsorbed atlo thickness. The PEO moiety typically comprises from 5 to 50 ethylene oxide groups.

Atlox – Croda Crop Care

Those surfactants c25 are preferred which have a number average molecular weight MN ranging from more than to Dalton, preferably from to Dalton, more preferably from to Dalton and in particular from to Dalton.

As mentioned above, the further pesticide compound may be selected from any pesticide compound which is known to be suitable for co-formulation with the first pesticide compound. To this suspension 3. The aqueous suspension, which is added to the aqueous emulsion of the pesticide compound, may contain one or more surfactants and may further contain further formulation additives. Then the mixture was heated to 65 to 70 0 C.

Stable emulsion formulation hindering interaction across the water-oil interface. It could be seen that the crystals grew for a period of more than 4 h the growing crystals having the shape of the initial seed crystals.

Contributing Author Formulation Technology. Solubility will usually be determined in deionized water at 20 0 C. Likewise, the term poly-ethoxylate-co-propoxylate refers to a polyether radical derived from a mixture of ethyleneoxide and propylenoxide.


This created a film of solid amorphous pyraclostrobin. Preferably, the polymeric surfac- tants c. JP Ref document number: The emulsion, which is provided in step a of the process according to the present invention, can be prepared by any conventional processes for the preparation of aqueous emulsions of pesticide compounds.

It has been found to be favourable, when the volume average particle size of the crys- talline pesticide compound present in the aqueous suspension which is added to the emulsion in step bi. This creates a larger steric barrier effectively preventing droplet coalescence and so the stability of the emulsion is increased. The process, however, is limited to pesticide compounds which rapidly crystallize upon cooling. Apart from that, the preparation of crystalline pyraclostrobin is currently tedious and time consuming and thus it increases the costs for preparing aqueous suspension concentrates of pyraclostrobin.

The viscosity of the formulation was to cps, determined according to STM Preferred surfactants and surfactant combinations are those, which are mentioned as preferred surfactant and surfactant combinations in connection with the aqueous emulsions.

The obtained formulation contained Suitable C3-C5 monoethylenically unsaturated carboxylic acid monomer and suitable hydrophobic monomers are those mentioned in the group c.

Hydrophilic PEG atox extend into the water phase and the hydrophobic polymer backbone sits on the interface of the dispersed particle covering the surface and the extended polymer chains prevent the particles from coming into contact with other particles.

The further pesticide compound will be generally selected from organic pesticide compounds, in particular from the group of organic fungicide compounds, organic insecticide compounds and organic herbicide compounds.

Usually, the weight ratio of the pesticide to the surfactant is in the range of from 2: