ASTM D Test Method for Sampling Natural Gas Gives methods for sampling of natural gas, containing different gases as contaminants such as natural. Find the most up-to-date version of ASTM D at Engineering This method was issued as a joint ASTM-API standard in This standard has for sampling natural gas is described in Test Method D NOTE 3—The.

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The results from two laboratories agreed, in most cases, within ashm reproduci- bility limits for the method. Carbon Residue continued Si 00 The collection of representative bulk samples; 2. The parties concerned should agree on a sampling procedure for each pro- ject.

A ml sample is distilled under prescribed conditions which depend on the vapor pressure and initial and final distillation points. Applicable to most types of petroleum oils, including crude, residual fuels, dis- tillates, and lubricating oils containing no addi- tives. Shale Oil 33 B. Tests showed standard deviation for duplicate analyses on por- tions of refuse ranged from 0.

Generally applicable to nonvolatile petroleum pro- ducts which particularly decompose at atmospheric pressure.

ASTM-D | Test Method for Sampling Natural Gas (Withdrawn ) | Document Center, Inc.

The considerations listed in 1 and 2 were dominant in most instances. The problems associated with this laboratory, though xstm, could not be corrected within the timeframe of this study; their results are included here, in part, to demonstrate the variability of results that may be obtained from different laboratories. Coal It is of prime importance that coal samples be representative with res- pect to the bulk material.


For organic compounds in general expect: If this manual serves only to point out the importance of methods specification in fuel analysis, it will have been of value.

Applicable to crude petro- leum, tars, and products derived from these mater- ials. Ammonia is distilled into H2S04 solution and titrated. The heat of combustion is com- puted from temperature obser- vations taken before, during, and after combustion.

ASTM D2983 Lubricating Oils Lubricants Low-Temperature Brookfield Viscometer

The determination may be in- direct as described aboveor direct by measuring the moisture contained in an ab- sorption tube.

The recovery of the added elements or compounds is indicative of the accur- acy being achieved. Additionally, special care should be taken in handling material known to contain hospital wastes; this ma- terial could, in addition, be sterilized by various procedures.

The sample asstm mixed with either an equal volume of water or an equal volume of alcohol, and titrated with aqueous sodium hydroxide solution to the phenolphthalein and end point.

An air-dried sample is sepa- rated into four designated fractions by means of an 8- mesh and a mesh sieve. See Refer- ence fl for other points.

RDSF taken here to be a processed municipal refuse in its as-fired form may lack any real homogeneity,and its composition may vary on both a daily and seasonal basis. C 2 from the carbonate carbon is adsorbed in Nesbitt bulbs containing Indicard and acti- cated alumina. All notes appear on the last d11145 of this table. D Ash, wt. D Chlorine, wt. This water may be removed by distillation. The correlation may not be valid for unusual petroleum products and ASTM urges caution in the application of this correlation at low carbon residues.


Instrumentation for such measurements is really designed for continuous operation, and requires relatively large volumes of sample to reach stable operation. Differences in technique may occur as the result of the coke’s physical form or chemical composition and are noted. ASTM D 5. Should be applicable for low boiling or distilate SO and CL.

This method covers procedures for obtaining samples for use in the determination of moisture, ash, organic matter, nitrogren, particle size range, and other parameters not covered in this manual. Limit of method is 20 mg. Should be appli- cable to MF.

Heating oils The discussion asttm deals with waste lubricating oils which are sometimes combusted. Should be ap- plicable to SO and CL. Those like- ly to be required include: Applicable to water and wastewater. Processed Municipal Refuse 4. One area where such determinations may be frequently required is that of instrumental methods for carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen anal- yses.