Asterix and the Soothsayer: Album #19 (Asterix (Orion Paperback)) [Rene Goscinny, Albert Uderzo] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Editorial Reviews. Review. A cartoon drawn with such supreme artistry, and a text layered with Asterix and the Soothsayer: Album 19 by [Goscinny, Rene]. Asterix and the Soothsayer (). Le devin. Presenting a pretentious thematic undercurrent Highly sceptical critique of fortune-tellers, the stance being that.

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Jan 26, Hannah rated it liked it. Asterix finds himself at odds with the entire village, including Obelix. Shortly after the Roman commander sends a messenger to report all of Gaul has been pacified, a foul stench ane over the village, turning all who breathe it a noxious hue. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. It was a dark and stormy night, when a stranger knock the door and asks for shelter Both these troubles are repelled by an unexpected horde of Gauls trashing the camp.

It was a dark and stormy night, and a sinister visitor has arrived in the little Gaulish village where Asterix lives. One of my favourites, with some excellent satire of psychics generally and the usual array of puntastic names. Their line of ships was out of formation. The Roman have their Jupiter.

Since the centurion is no longer an officer, he has no business giving orders to actual officers. Cacofonix, who had snuck back into the village to retrieve his lyre, also smells it and returns to the villagers to report the prediction had come true.

Their worries are ended when Prolix, who claims to be a traveling soothsayer, arrives and predicts that the storm will pass and that a fight will soon break out after reading the entrails of a fish – predictions which both come true.


The three then work on convincing the villagers that the soothsayer is a fake and they sort of finally understand. One stormy day, the Gauls — with the exception of Getafix, who is at his annual druid meeting — are huddled in the chief’s hut, fearing for their lives. Jul 28, Derek Baldwin rated it it was amazing. Part of the plot was also used in the first live-action Asterix film, Asterix and Obelix vs Caesar.

On Goodreadsit has a score of 4.

Asterix and the Soothsayer

Bulbus Crocus makes me laugh. Prolix returns to the village and claims that they are now cursed, and their village will soon emit a foul stench that will turn all soothsayer breathe it a noxious hue. Further on, on page 37, the whole village poses, well before the camera was ever invented. The rest are easily taken in by his positive outlook for their futures, as well as his increasing demands for food, drink, and bedding.

Hachette Livre First published by: He returns to the other Gauls on the island and for them his story confirms the soothsayer’s genuineness.

Does anyone else think the pirates need an intervention?

British comedy films and TV of the ss parodied policemen and army sergeants speaking this way. Who is really right about the soothsayer? Its probably not perfect, its pretty atypical as a tale and that I think is what makes it stand out on my mind and embrace it all the more.

A lucky find – I love all the Asterix comics! In English, the Optio speaks in an over-formal, pompous way but using rather bad English.

The Optio brings Soothsayed before the Centurion, who decides to make use of the imposter’s persuasive voice. Dec 26, Julia rated it really liked it Shelves: Every little thing Prolix says proves one side or the other right.


Impedimenta and her fellow women are not convinced that Prolix was a cheat, partly because he only foretold pleasant things for them, such as a business partnership between Vitalstatistix and Impedimenta’s brother Homeopathix, each of whom considers the other an arrogant dope.

A charlatan Soothsayer comes to the village, driving the Gauls into a frenzy of ambition and envy.

Asterix and the Soothsayer / Recap – TV Tropes

Get Known if you don’t have an account. To pass the time, therefore, he has the soothsayer tell him exaggerated stories of the luxuries emperors enjoy. While Prolix manages to distract Obelix, Asterix is confused by everyone’s behavior, and goes into zoothsayer woods as well, only to find that the soothsayer has disappeared.

They consulted the sacred chickens. CS1 French-language sources fr Comics infobox image less caption Graphic novel pop Articles containing French-language text. The confusion in the village and the utter confusion in the Roman camp as well!

May 02, Murshidul Hasan rated it really liked it. Book no 19 from Asterix and Obelix Series. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. This wasn’t as good as I remember them being, but still good. We know that can be dangerous.

The soothsayer falls into the hands of the Romans, whereas the whole Gaulish village is deceived as well. Return to Book Page. Published December 16th by Asterix first published Notevoli i paradossi del suo rapporto con i romani.