ASME BPE (Revision of ASME BPE). Bioprocessing. Equipment. AN AMERICAN NATIONAL STANDARD. Three Park Avenue. Buy ASME BPE Bioprocessing Equipment from SAI Global. No reproduction may be made of this material without written consent of ASME. ASME BPE (Revision of ASME BPE) Bioprocessing.

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Pipe sizes should be specified to guarantee adequate supply and pressure to the spray devices. If requested by the end-user, the manufacturer shall supply a sectioned sample of the bend area. Usually associated with oxidation 4 occurring on the weld and heat-affected zone on the outside diameter and inside diameter of the weld joint as a result of heating the metal during welding. Where necessary, increases in height should be achieved by vertical risers see Fig.

ASME BPE Guidelines for Pharmaceutical Equipment

Recommended Flow Rates to Achieve 5 fps 1. Blessman, Trent Tube J. Ventilation panels and ducts should be easily accessible for cleaning. Warf, WB Moore, Inc. Customary units, and are for reference purposes only unless specified otherwise.

Clean gas or clean steam Min. This section will refer to all of the above as vessels whether they are pressurized or not. Zero static diaphragm valves are recommended for low point drains if available from the manufacturer [see Fig. SD, illustration c ], the design should be hygienic in design e.

The CIP skid asne system is one of the most important pieces of equipment when considering cleanability and cross-contamination. Baram, Clifton Enterprises C. Brockmann, Alfa Laval, Inc.

The fused glass shall be circular in shape within the metal frame. Such equipment shall conform to the following: Attention shall be paid to the weld between the sensor stem and the jumper. Stover, NewAge Industries, Inc.


McCune, Allegheny Bradford Corp. Bongiorno, Flow Smart, Inc. Hutton, Chair, Arkema, Inc. Functional components of the CIP such as filters, pumps, vessels, tubing, and piping shall be designed to be self-cleaning and abide by the guidelines of this Part. Avery, Nickel Institute P. The use of clean steam air vents installed at locations where air is prone to collect, such as at the ends of steam headers, can assist in this requirement.

Trumbull, Paul Mueller Co.

ASME BPE Bioprocessing Equipment_图文_百度文库

Klemp, Advance Fittings Corp. For special cases, the radii may be reduced to 1? Hinlopen, Alfa Laval, Inc.

Such usage may be by an association or a society, or by a holder of a Symbol Stamp who may also use the facsimile in advertising to show that clearly specified items will carry the symbol. Fisher, Fisher Engineering G. Fluid retention due to capillary action should be considered when using tubing less than 3?

The alternate designation represents an industry design for use when physical constraints prevent the implementation of the preferred design. Campbell, Bechtel National, Inc. For bioprocessing equipment, tube does not include pipe.

ASME BPE – Wikipedia

This standard is intended for asmd, materials, construction, inspection, and testing of asms, piping, and related accessories such as pumps, valves, and fittings for use in the biopharmaceutical industry. ASME BPE any puddles greater than the agreed-upon diameter, a thumb or soft rubber dowel is to be pushed into the center of the puddle, displacing the water. The use of O-rings or hygienic gaskets to seal between mating surfaces shall be consistent with the current guidance provided in Part SG.

Items or requirements that are not specifically addressed in this Standard cannot be considered prohibited. A weld joint is said to be fully penetrated when the depth of the weld extends from its face into the weld joint so that the asmw is fully fused.


When the stem of a threeport valve moves asmw one position to the other such that all ports are connected for a brief period of time, this will cause mixing at first and then a resultant deadend in the previous path while the current path is in use. All encompassing lines including long runs with the exception of subheaders, manifolds, be nozzles may be sloped as defined in SD This is usually achieved at a velocity of 5 fps 1.

Steam trap bodies shall have an internal surface finish excluding the bellows assembly as agreed to by all parties.

Slope Designations for Gravity-Drained Lines. The cleaning is normally done by acid, caustic, or a combination of both, with Water-for-Injection WFI rinse.

Tandem Bppe With Barrier System. Mathien, Plymouth Tube Co. Maximum gap allowed at seal point per size Maximum gap allowed at seal point per size Maximum gap aasme at seal point per size Tolerances applied to related nozzles defined by jumper paths 51 Copyright c by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Proper application and engineering with respect to return pump selection, spray device selection, and piping installation make it possible to conduct such cleaning operations with a high degree of uniformity and dependability. The results give information about fluid coverage, a requirement for cleanability.

The location of manways, access ports, and other internal appurtenances shall asms considered in location and design of spray devices. Operating conditions include heat-up, hold, and cooldown. Flexible Hygienic Hose Design. These should include threads, gaps between parts, crevices, etc.