Ashab e Kahf they were Allah’s Wali, They were sleep nearly years. In that period they were breathing. but they did not know how much. Read Full STory about Ashab e kahf in e kahf is a real Qissa ghar walo can Read many article here about islam. In Christian and Muslim tradition, the Seven Sleepers (Arabic: اصحاب الکهف , translit. aṣḥāb al kahf, lit. ‘People of the Cave’) is the story of a group of youths who.

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Account Options Sign in. Remember when sory young men fled for refuge from their disbelieving folk to the Cave, they said: Bestow on us mercy from Yourself, and facilitate for us our affair in the right way!

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Islam teaches us the piece and love but its the sign of the Day of Judgment in Islam. We should read this Yajoj Majoj information and also avoid from the sins.


God created a nation called Yajooj and Majooj. In the beginning they were free. King Zulqarnian imprisoned up behind a wall. They are still imprisoned today, and will be freed near the Day of Judgement.

Seven Sleepers – Wikipedia

They will come out and create a lot of trouble. Their population ztory ten times larger than the worlds population. When he was travelling the world, he imprisoned the Yajooj Majooj behind a very thick wall. Zulqarnain went East, the people said to him, In between these mountains, there is a nation called Yajooj Majooj, who are like animals.

Their teeth are like those of wild animals.

When they come out they eat snakes, scorpions, horses, mules, donkeys, vegetables and wild animals. We will kafh you anything if you build a wall between the Yajooj Majooj and us so that they wont harm us. Zulqarnain said, I dont need paying, but what I would like is that you can help me by bringing me pieces of iron, wood and coal.


When they brought these things, Zulqarnain started to build the wall. Pinch To Zoom Option. Like our FB Page. There are various android secret codes which can be used for asnab functioning.

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