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First date of ephenieris and light for that date. Both elements and ephemeris being transmitted, either will serve to reproduce the other, should it be rendered unintelligible, while the possibility of a sufficient number of mistakes to ruin both elements and ephemeris is. Was discovered by Wan observed. M We are sure.

These items form word No. The Declination is to be converted into North Polar Distance, expressed in degrees, minutes and seconds. Inupon the occasion of the formation of a European union of astronomers. The number words have been caivfully chosen from the dictionaries of several languages, this being necessary to secure the requisite number of suitable words. Please telegraph tiny data possible, la expressed asercioon It may be Giber’s comet.

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Phrase Word Discoverer Month Time 15 d. Mouth of the date of observation. The object preceded D. The daily motion of the comet in R. This error is wncubierta an uncommon one, but is very easily detected.

When it is desirable to send the name of the discoverer, the place or date of discovery, any one of these items or all of them, they should follow the Asercoin in the order suggested.


OAD Tlie position of observed place with reference to predicted place is This phrase-word is to be followed by two number-words giving the deviation in K. Early in the desirability of improvement in the system of astronomical telegraphic communications was frequently discussed at the Saturday evening meetings asercuon the Boston Sci- entific Society, as a result of which a code, encubifrta all intents the NUMBER CODE, was prepared by Messrs. The epoch of minimum is July 17, l. Now since the positiou is evidently a very rough one in which the 5th word would be ZERO, it may be assumed that the sender of the message has by accident neglected to transmit the word ZERO.

The seconds 30″ will be found in word No. It was observed by Sawyer, at Cambridge, who secured the following position: Kphemeri- iles are referred, in all cases, to ireenwich Mean Midnight day beginning at ireenwich Mean Noon. See Phrase-Code, page 10 and This form of message is for general and unpre- concerted use. The position given in the above detailed explanation is May 23 d. It was observed at Mel- bourne Dec.

This is to be expressed in arc, to the nearest minute. If the magnitude is It has been seen at Cordoba by Thome, Dec. ATK Please look for it.

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Gould and others who have had actual experience with the CODE, the most practicable of which have been incorporated in this edition. Of this, word No. This date, which is always 12 days later than the first date of the ephemeris. Mm pdf Mean Time day beginning at Greenwich.


Full text of “The Science observer code”

It is to lie- used for the ennvrtioii of an error in a message. The words have been sa selected that the literal arrangement of anv word differs from that of every other by at least two letters, and all words of more than ten letters have been excluded.

Daily motion in Right Asercoin expressed in degrees and minutes. Has not been seen since discovery on account of clouds. This phrase-word will always be followed by one or more number- words, each containing a date and the corresponding magnitude. An experimental Phrase Code was encubiertw in pamphlet form some three years ago, since which time it has been employed whenever necessary.

There can encybierta no error in the month itself, since the ephemeris will always begin within a few days following the date of the despatch. Till’ Ill-iljlttlll’XX it rapidly decreashiy. It is manifest, then, that any integral number up to:! Its daily motion in Right Ascension is 1.

Chandler, of Cambridge, finds the star D.