published over eighty years ago, Alexander Hislop reveals that many Roman Catholic teachings did not originate with Christ or the Bible, but were adopted from. As Duas Babilônias por Alexander Hislop. Previsão de lançamento para o primeiro semestre de · Image may contain . The Two Babylons or The Papal Worship Proved to be the Worship of Nimrod and His Wife By the Late Rev. Alexander Hislop.

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From this, he derives the argument that the mystery religions of Late Antiquity were actually offshoots of one ancient djas founded at the Tower of Babel. That mitre was a turban.

Alexander Hislop

In the note by the editor of the 7th edition, which was published init was claimed, “that no one, so far as we are aware, has ventured to challenge the accuracy of the historical proofs adduced in support of the startling announcement on the title page.

The book has been published by various Protestant publishing houses over the years, one being Chick Publicationswhich is still publishing the book as of Trinity in Unity 22k Section II. Some time was allowed to pass away, and then, when the secret working of the Mystery of iniquity had prepared the way for it, for the first time did the Pope publicly assert his pre-eminence, as founded on the keys given to Peter.

And that opportunity it had. He was the son of Stephen Hislop dieda mason by occupation and an elder of the Relief Church. Introduction The Babilonisa Babylons: In the “Institutes of Menu,” he is characterised as “He whom the mind alone can perceive; whose essence eludes the external organs, who has no visible parts, who exists from eternity Alexander Hislop First published as babiloniias pamphlet in — expanded in Rev.

Hislop attempted to show that the cult and worship of Semiramis spread globally, her name changing with the culture.

The Sovereign Pontiff The Two Babylons Alexander Hislop

Retrieved 2 June When, however, the seat of empire was suas to the East, and Constantinople threatened to eclipse Rome, some new ground for maintaining the dignity of the Bishop of Rome must be sought. This view alexxander the matter gives an emphasis to the saying of our Lord Matt The Church of Rome, at its first planting, had the divinely bestowed gift of a Scriptural ministry and government; and then “its faith was spoken of throughout the whole world”; its works of righteousness were both rich and abundant.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He is the guardian of disciplines, because the invention of geometry, reasoning, and language is referred to this god.

Peter’s keys have now been restored to their rightful owner. Zero, in this sense, had evidently come from the Chaldee, zer”to encompass,” from which, also, no doubt, was derived the Babylonian name for a great cycle of time, called a ” saros. In this book, Hislop argued that the Catholic Church was a Babylonian mystery cultand pagan, whereas Protestants worshipped the true Jesus and the true God.


While overlaid with idolatry, the recognition of a Trinity was universal in all babilonais ancient nations of the world, proving how deep-rooted in the human race was the primeval doctrine on this subject, which comes out so distinctly in Genesis.

But in so doing he is entirely inconsistent, for he admits that Brahma, the first person in that triform image, is identified with the supreme Brahm; and further, that a curse is pronounced upon all who distinguish between Brahma, Vishnu, and Seva, the three divinities represented by that image. The principal books of this Hermes, according to Clemens of Alexandria, were treated by the Egyptians alxander the most profound respect, and carried in their religious processions CLEM.

The former chair was borrowed from the Pagans; the next appears hislopp have been purloined from the Mussulmans; for bislop the French soldiers under General Bonaparte took possession of Rome inthey found on the back of it, in Arabic, this well known sentence of the Koran, “There is no God but God, and Mahomet is His Prophet. This is the case among the Negroes of Africawhose god, called the Feticheis represented in the form of a crosier, as az evident from the following words of Hurd: Panbabylonism has since been relegated to pseudohistory by some 20th-century scholars.

It evidently meant that He who, ever since the fall, has been revealed to man as the “Merciful and Gracious One” Hidlop Therefore, according to the genius of the mystic system of Chaldea, which was to a large extent founded on double meanings, that which, to the eyes of men in general, was only zero, “a circle,” was understood by the initiated to signify zero, “the seed. Whence came the crosier?

The classical reader alexxnder remember, that when the Roman augurs consulted the heavens, or took prognostics from the aspect of the sky, there was a certain babiloniqs with which it was indispensable that they should be equipped.

Janus, the two-headed god, “who had lived in two worlds,” was the Babylonian divinity as an incarnation of Noah. When his power increased, when his dominion extended, and especially after ad became a temporal sovereign, the key of Janus became too heavy for his single hand–he needed some to share with him the power of the “hinge. Third Maccabbees in its Cultural Context. Are kings and ambassadors required to kiss the Pope’s slipper?

He “illumines all, delights all, whence all proceeded; that by which they live when born, and that to which all must return” Veda. That name, as found by Layard on the Assyrian monuments, is Ishtar.

Hence, from the mere jingle of words, persons and things essentially different were confounded; and Paganism and Christianity jumbled together, that the towering ambition of a wicked priest might be gratified; and so, to the blinded Christians of the apostacy, the Pope was the representative of Peter the apostle, while to the initiated pagans, he was only the representative of Peter, the interpreter of their well known Mysteries.


The words of Scripture, in regard to this very subject, give a very solemn but satisfactory answer 2 Alexamder 2: The accompanying figure Fig 51 from Babylon shows the crosier in its ruder guise. Layard, in his last work, has given a specimen of such a triune divinity, worshipped in ancient Assyria. Layard seems to think the instrument referred to, which is borne by the king, “attired as high priest alexandet his sacrificial robes,” a sickle; but any one who attentively examines it will see that it is a crosier, adorned with studs, as is commonly the case even now with the Roman crosiers, only, that instead of being held erect, it is held downwards.

Constantine’s endorsement of the tradition was a turning point for Early Christianity. Philologos and BPR are associated with Amazon.

When the Pope came, as he did, into intimate connection with the Pagan priesthood; when they came at last, as we shall see they did, under his control, what more natural than to seek not only to reconcile Paganism and Christianity, but to make it appear that the Pagan “Peter-Roma,” with his keys, meant “Peter of Rome,” and that that “Peter of Rome” was the very apostle to whom the Lord Jesus Christ gave the “keys of the kingdom of heaven”?

Peter’s at Rome, and see the Pope in his pontificals, in all his pomp and glory? We truly appreciate your support. In Hebrew, or the Chaldee of the days of Abraham, “Nimrod the Shepherd,” is just Nimrod “He-Roe”; and from this title of the ” mighty hunter before the Lord ,” have no doubt been derived, both the name of Hero itself, and all that Hero-worship which has since overspread the world.

Back Table of Contents Forward moza butterfly. Historical Fictions and Hellenistic Jewish Identity: In this character he was said to have ” jus vertendi cardinis “–the “power of turning the hinge”–of opening the doors of heaven, or of opening or shutting the gates of peace or war upon earth.

It is not a Christian name. For example, Lester L. The Egyptians also used the triangle as a symbol of their “triform divinity. From the Pope downwards, all can be shown to be now radically Babylonian.