This page lists locations where Arx Fatalis resources are made available by Arkane, publishers or Steam hosts an Arx Fatalis Manual (PDF). Arx Libertatis is a cross-platform, open source port of Arx Fatalis, a first- person role-playing game developed by Arkane Studios. Arx Fatalis – Manual. Game Title, Arx Fatalis. Document Type, Manual. Platform, PC (DOS/Windows). Author, Drenskin (stats). Filesize, MB. Date. Downloads .

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PC (DOS/Windows)

It’s basically a resting place for all of the dead citizens of Arx. Lunshire the Fair is a good and just king, who protects us from the demons lying in ambush at our fortress doors. A short cutscene will briefly sum up the history of the world, and Am Shaegar pondering who he truly is. Both of them are two weak Goblins, so attack them respectively. If you try to walk through one path, you’ll get loop warped to the other side without passing through. For more information, please check out the Side Quests section Chapter 4.

He says a few brief things denouncing your cause, then summons a Demon to kill you. If you have not completed the game, we recommend passing it before reading the manual. By lighting up portals across the underworld, you can transport fstalis and efficiently.

He becomes enraged to find out that you’ve discovered the Trolls’ Idol since he was the one who stole it in the first place. Pick it up, and drop it in the center under the crusher.

Without it, we could not have survived until now. Leave me alone, you brats First off, take a right, and then a left at the Y-split. Pick up the torch on the ground, and equip it to get an extra boost of lighting. Don’t pass them up. Now Arx is free again. Move to the center hallway and continue down until you see 2 Hidden Buttons against the same wall.


Pick it up to be interrupted with a brief cutscene from Akbaa.

Official resources – Arx Libertatis Wiki

The Captain thought you were a Mercenary, and introduces himself to be Ortiern. This is an excellent shortcut since you don’t have to go wandering off in search of a rope. It combines the necessary elements of a vast RPG with the interaction we look forward to with the actual environments. You will need THIS key to open a chest to find the idol. Sounds a tad fishy, eh?

All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Finally, place any type of food by dropping it on the fire you have near the food to cook it. Unfortunately, his opponent cheated during the election and somehow won. There should be a destroyed teleport crumbled mass of black pillars. Continue forward, and search the tomb in your left for the Shield of the Ancients. Go to the bottom of the rebel camp by following the cantations and series of steps. Finally, take the left route, and this is where it starts to get interesting.

Since the trolls are on strike, any gemstones will make him happy. Thus, you’ll be forced to eat when starvation comes in, toss objects on panels to affect another event, and even “spell” spells mahual in a real-time fashion. Some common items that must be cooked are uncooked ribs, fish, chicken drumsticks, and raw apple pies.

Arx Fatalis [Manual]

Don’t forget that you’ll be encountering creatures of all sorts throughout the game, so become handy with entering combat mode and casting spells quickly. Press the switch, and a Mithril rectangle bar will be produced. Felnor informs you that the only way to prevent the meteor from draining your energy is to seek out two immunity stones called Krahoz and Zohark.


When you’re finished talking, wait until this Goblin leaves his room. Next, use the key you stole from under the Quartermaster Goblin’s pillow to open the chest. Level 8 is home of the gatalis, well, before they got eaten. Since Alicia and you have the same goals defeating the Akbaa Templeplus you saved her life, she’s willing to make an exchange.

Head straight through, and go into the MAIN fatals area supported with wooden planks. You must fight them to the death. You cannot steal items out of a chest, unless you sneak in, pick the lock, and take them without anyone noticing.

After you’re done dilly dallying throughout the city, head back in the starting entrance that got you there. Once this is accomplished, find a fafalis, and combine it press A from the quick inventory. Head straight through the new opening that awaits you, and look under the bed on the floor.

Steam Community :: Arx Fatalis

Take the two pieces of mithril, and toss them into the over-like machine on the right. You should see a white lengthy object that resembles a datalis. He wants you to ask the Sister Snakes if you can have Zohark, and also to discover these rebels so that you can seek out the other stone, Krahoz.