Then, Arden, perish thou by that decree;. For Greene doth Who when they shall see me sit in Arden’s seat, The text of ‘Arden of Faversham’ can be read at. Arden of Feversham. edited by Ronald Bayne. contrib. by Thomas Kyd · Project Gutenberg Release # Select author names above for additional. Title. Arden of Feversham; Arden of Feversham / Anonymous; The tragedy of Master Arden of Feversham; The lamentable and true tragedy of Master Arden of .

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. How now, Master Shakebag. Then ask me if my nose be on my face, Or whether my tongue be frozen in my mouth. Michael, farewell ; I pray thee dream no more. So, fair weather after you, for before you lies Black Will and Shakebag in the broom close, too close for you: Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Oh, you are an honest man of your word!

But forbearance is no acquittance ; another time we ’11 do it, I warrant thee. And let me never draw a sword again.

Arden of Feversham by Thomas Kyd and Rev. Ronald Bayne – Free Ebook

Your excuse hath somewhat mollified my choler. Editor-in-chief of the new edition, and part also of its team of twelve collaborating co-editors, Vickers is well placed to survey, in sorrow if not in anger, what has been well or ill done by his predecessors …. Whose dowry would have weighed down all thy wealth.

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I ’11 curse the carle, ardej see what that will do. Why, that thou shalt see, if he come this way.

I charge thee speak to this mistrustful man, Thou that wouldst see me hang, thou, Mosbie, thou: See, Master Franklin, here’s proper stuff: Ay, but you had not best to meddle with that moon, lest I scratch you by the face with my bramble -bush.

Happy the change that alters for the best I But see hext any case you make no speech Of the cheer we had at my Lord Cheiny’s, Although most bounteous and liberal, 78 Arden of Feversham act iv. The way I seek to find, where pleasure dwells, 20 Is hedged behind me that I cannot back, 52 Arden of Feversham act hi.

Arden of Faversham – Wikipedia

Let me repent the credit I have lost. Edward Arnold,pp. Two forthcoming volumes are announced. Didst thou ever see better weather to run away with another man’s wife, or play with a wench at pot-finger? Because they two may be in Rainham Down Before your master.

I did it for the best. Which one did bring and sold it at my shop, Saying he served Sir Antony Cooke. When we were ready to shoot, Comes my Lord Cheiny to prevent his tect. Be ruinous and fatal unto thee! But, sirrah Will, what horses are those that passed? He comes, he comes! Think you that maids look not for fair words?

Arden of Feversham by Thomas Kyd and Rev. Ronald Bayne

Do lead thee with a wicked fraudful smile, As unsuspected, to the slaughter-house. Routledge,pp. O that some airy spirit Would in the shape and likeness of a horse Gallop with Arden ‘cross the Ocean, And vull him from his back into the waves!


Ay, to my former happy life again, From title of an odious strumpet’s name To honest Arden’s wife, not Arden’s honest wife. And I am going to prepare his chamber. I have gotten such favresham letter as will touch the painter: Arden of Feversham To the Nag’s Head, there is this coward’s haunt.

Arden of Faversham

I did, and that’s the cause it likes not you. And I upon a little rising hill Stood whistly watching for the herd’s approach.

Ay, now I see, and too soon find it true, Which often hath been told me by my friends, That Mosbie loves me not but for my wealth. True, Master Greene ; the lands are his in state, And whatsoever leases were before Are void for term of Master Arden’s life ; He hath the grant under the Chancery seal.

I tell thee, Shakebag, would this thing were done: Arden of Feversham Will. And many other assured arguments.

We know only of The Complaint. Give me a spoon, I ’11 eat of it myself; Would it were full of poison to the brim, Then should my cares and troubles have an end.