The Aramaic English New Testament (AENT) 5th Edition is a literal translation of the very oldest known Aramaic New Testament texts. This is a study Bible with. Aramaic English New Testament 5th Edition is translated from the First Century (John ) AENT God bless all those who read this and share His word. Aramaic English New Testament 5th Edition has 53 ratings and 5 reviews. Gary said: The Aramaic English New Testament (AENT) Bible is translated from copi.

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One way or another, you have arrived at my page for the Aramaic English New Testament.

There are numerous examples in the Greek New Testament that reveal Greek cultural and religious bias that eventually became “the Gospel. Roth proves, for me also, that Aramaic and Hebrew were the languages in which Yahshuah and His Apostles spoke and wrote their Gospels and letters.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Yochanan John Chapter 1, found on pg. The most ancient readings are restored in the Aramaic and then translated into English.

Aramaic English New Testament 5th Edition by Andrew Gabriel Roth

Lin Vasquez rated it it was amazing Oct 01, The Appendix is an intellectual gold mine. He explains the incredible distortion regarding what Yahshuah and His Apostles actually taught about the “Written Torah” first five books of the Hebrew Bible and the Rabbinical Oral Talmud man-made, onerous rules and traditions, added to God’s Word to exercise control over the Jews.


The Rabbis’ control using the Talmud is a core problem in Judaism which Yahshuah came to destroy.

Colin Hardiman rated it it was amazing Jul 07, Explore colorful truths displayed through a glorious collection of footnotes and appendixes in the AENT. Michal rated it it was amazing Jun 09, This way, the important Peshitta text is preserved, while providing cross-check accountability for those who desire to check the accuracy of the English translation emglish themselves. He subjugated the land of the Jews, desecrated their Temple in Jerusalem and severely persecuted them.

Throughout, the verse notes, Mr.

The Aramaic English New Testament Bible |

Every one of these references is in a negative context No trivia or quizzes yet. Leah Lawrence Learn More. A great resource tool! It’s well worth the price.

Aramaic English New Testament

Mashiyach Messiah was and is revealed in ancient Hebrew and Aramaic testamenh that are nonexistent in Greek. Hardcoverpages. Gifts are tax deductible in the United States of America.


Sunnie Day rated it it was amazing Aug 28, In its pages you’ll find treasures of insights that will edify your walk. Ana Usca rated it it was amazing Apr 15, We all know how the meaning of an entire verse can easily be altered by a translation.

And let us all say HalleluYAH!!! I’ve been reading bits and pieces to him on the phone!

Aramaic English New Testament 5th Edition

Mario Brooks rated it it was amazing May 11, Gifts to JTOD will be applied to the project specified, or to the area of greatest need. Also, he Roth has deftly incorporated his rational interpretation of many ideas kicked around in this forum and balanced them with good judgment. Returns on donations will not be accepted. Can you believe the Saviour of all humankind actually says both “fulfill”, meaning etstament, Torah, and “NOT abolish Torah” in the same breath of one sentence in Matthew 5: They had right back to Alexander The Great’s successor, Antiochus.