Everworld #1: The Search For Senna: K A Applegate: Books – KA Applegate did a Reddit IAMA session in The implication seems to be that her decision to stop writing the Everworld novels was driven by dramatically . Search for Senna (Everworld #1) [K.A. Applegate] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When David’s girlfriend Senna is swallowed up by the.

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The eunuchs in Everworld are male warriors with big, muscular bodies but with high-pitched voices; this is because they were castrated before they reached puberty.

Everworld Series by Katherine Applegate

Discover the Destroyer by Katherine Applegate. Plans within plans, she said thoughtfully, wary again. Every page is a page turning event tha This is my first book from Katherine Applegate. Don’t try to provoke me. I just couldn’t get into Everworld.

There are s Being an Animorphs diehard, I’d always meant to take a plunge on the Everworld series. It gave me the interest to read the other books in this series. Yeah, you definitely will need one after the other. They have loosed the fateful lightning of their terrible swift swords, the Vikes are marching on! Aylee December 4, at 1: Vikings, Ra, Atlantis and the Aztecs. I’m two feet away from the coach.

They do, however, wield devices similar to long straws nicknamed “Super-Soakers” by the main charactersout of which they shoot a burning, venomous acid. The Two Princesses of Bamarre by Gail I was on my way to a battle that was none of my business, surrounded by simple, illiterate men who were no part of my universe, on a mission from a lunatic mythical god.

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I loved Animorphs too! Return to Book Page. In the last book, Entertain the Endthe main characters help a major god be freed, but the war isn’t everqorld. They are first encountered at the end of the first book, Search for Senna.

Everworld Series

Just trust me, the books are way more awesome than my summary make them sound. David, as our introductory character, is interesting — not a leader and not a hero, though he so desperately wants to be.

No, we do all want not to be stereotyped by ignorant white trash. I was so happy the author did this.

He had the power. How she’s tried to build her own future that she can be happy in. Only 1 left in stock – order soon. So I was very happy when K.

Quick paced book with decent character development. You turn the page and that’s the end of the book.

k a applegate – Why did Everworld end so abruptly? – Literature Stack Exchange

I, who was so resistant to reading and still preferred being read to. Shelve Le voyage sans retour. Even if not for me, then for my library patrons. Thrown into this new world the teens have to find ways to avoid death seemingly at every turn. You fight them if you have the power, and if you don’t, then you do what they say. The things you love to do. Aylee December 4, at 9: With modern weapons, they are a force to be reckoned with. Understand the Unknown Everworld 10 by K.


I started reading Everworld because it is by the same author who wrote Animorphswhich is a fantastic series.

Search for Senna

The clash of all the different mythologies was explosive; the author should be commended just for managing to cram the This will serve as my review for the entire Everworld series. In those series, we understand how their societies work, what their views are, what their goals and motives are, and even if there is dissension in the ranks. Books by Katherine Applegate. The Amazonsled by Pretty Little Flower used this to their advantage and proceeded to subjugate and loot Egypt. I left it on the counter to return to the library and My dad picked it up and evedworld reading it!

I also appreciate David’s issues about college and a career, because applegzte something that would resonate with teenagers — that feeling of uncertainty and dread, not knowing where you’re going, the fear of real life spinning out ahead of you, inevitable and dreary. Nearly all the gods shared similar characteristics such as shape shifting, physical perfection, superhuman strength and immortality. The Education of Bet by Lauren Baratz That even though she wants her real life more than anything, she’s unwilling to bring Everworld crashing down on everyone.