Summary of Contents of user manual for Aopen mx4gvrgn . MX4LR- GN / MX4GVR- GN Online Manual AOpen “Watch Dog ABS” With this motherboard. MX4GVR-GN AOPEN Motherboard mainboard chipset základní desky Slot Socket information. MX4GVR AOPEN Motherboard mainboard chipset základní desky Slot Socket information.

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Table of contents Mx4gvr Table Of Contents What’s In This Manual amnual You Must Notice Before You Start Quick Installation Procedure Jp14 Clear Cmos Manuall Cpu Jumper-less Design Aopen “watch Dog Timer Front Panel Connector Atx Power Connector Ac Power Auto Recovery Stby Led And Boot Led Ide And Floppy Connector Add agp Digital Display Slot Wol wake On Lan Pc99 Color Coded Back Panel apen Chassis Intrusion Sensor Connector Cd Audio Connector Front Audio Connector Battery-less And Long Life Design Cpu Over-current Protection Low Esr Capacitor Layout frequency Isolation Wall Enlarged Aluminum Heatsink Open Jukebox Player Vivid Bios Technology Driver And Utility Auto-run Menu From Bonus Cd Installing Intel Iaa Driver Installing Intel gv Vga Driver akpen Installing Onboard Sound Driver Installing Hardware Monitoring Utility Iii About Phoenix-award Bios Function Description How To Enter Bios Setup Bios Upgrade Under Windows Environment Agp accelerated Graphic Port Aopen Bonus Pack Cd Apm advanced Power Management Ata at Attachment Bus Master Ide dma Mode Cnr communication And Networking Riser Codec coding And Decoding Ddr double Data Rated Sdram Dimm dual In Line Memory Module Dma direct Memory Access Ecc error Checking And Correction Edo extended Data Output Memory Eeprom electronic Erasable Programmable Rom Eprom erasable Programmable Rom Fcc Doc declaration Of Conformity Fc-pga flip Chip-pin Grid Array Fsb front Side Bus Clock Pbsram pipelined Burst Sram Pci peripheral Component Interface Bus Pnp plug And Play Post power-on Self Test Rdram rambus Dram Rimm rambus Inline Memory Module Sdram synchronous Dram Shadow E 2 Prom Simm single In Line Memory Module Smbus system Management Bus Spd serial Presence Detect Usb universal Serial Bus Vcm virtual Channel Memory Table of contents Atx Power Connectors Connecting Front Panel Cable Part Number And Serial Number Model Name And Bios Version Don’t have an account?