Annexure-F is a verification certificate issued by a verifying authority. Annexure F is mandatory for passport applicants applying under the Tatkal scheme. Mar 14, Signing annexure F by the gazzeted officer is taking liability that you have never been What all should I do to prepare Annexure F for Tatkal passport?. Jan 26, As opposed to a normal passport application, a tatkal passport Until now, following annexure F (specimen verification certificate for passport.

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Amit Nath August 14, Deepak July 27, Hi GuysIts true that getting annexure F or B is very tough.

Getting tatkal passport easier as govt scraps need for Class 1 officer’s nod

Just opposite to him, there was another officer who was taking great pleasure in berating applicants. I got my passport within 3 days. I reside at Vitthalwadi ,Kalyan E. My passport expired 5 months ago, I applied for a Tatkal. The process stays the same. Strangely enough I always got it Twice for anneurefor my daughter and now for my wife. Sundeep Soni December 19, Director Admnthe question is will they accept tatkwl VC on my appointment day at the counter?

Well I appeared for appointment on December 26 and received the physical passport on December 27 at my residence. I am facing the same situation now.


Can sleep for twenty hours straight. Some people are advising me to apply for appointment under normal quota and the at PSK, they will give me a form that will change my application from Tatkal to normal. Shyam April 28, Hey Divya, I read your blogpost only after scheduling my appointment at Bangalore PSK for a fresh issue of passport under Tatkal quota. Divya, thanks for this public service.

Shubhanka Aannexure 29, Kumar June 27, There is nothing that you can do except for applying as normal application. Can a retired IAS officer as per the guidelines or a retired Colonel of the Indian Army do this or does it need to be someone presently serving?

The worst case would be changing from Tatkal to normal.

Read the comments here. Hi Friends, I applied passport In Tatkal scheme.

Instead I have to go through post police verification after receiving the passport. This happened on January 26th. Today I was debarred from undergoing the Tatkal Appointment Process as I did not have this certificate. The Online Appointment Receipt clearly states. As far as I understand, you have to cancel the tatkal one and apply afresh through normal quota. Otherwise you will be pushed back and forced to take new appointment and shall out money to greedy left and right.


Then what am I wanting to say through this article?

Tatkal Passport: Story Of Annexure F (Now Annexure B)

Annexure F is a verification certificate which is issued by a verifying authority. You never know what else might they need and the deadline of passport-delivery slides. I did not schedule any appointment for tatkal one.

I was incredibly lucky here. We have already lost enough days in arranging the heaps of documents required… Hope this horror ends happily for her! You will soon see why. Hi ppl, I called passport customer care and enquired about Annexure F.

Tatkal Passport: Story Of Annexure F (Now Annexure B) – A Borrowed Backpack

I tend to miss obvious details. Parth Welankar Hindustan Times, Pune. During normal passport, verification can be done by local police then why same police can not do verification before normal passport.

Sriram October 6, Amrit January 7, Hi, Just wanted to share my experience with Normal Passport re-issue. You can guess the reply. My mother is a gazetted officer in the admissible payscale as required by them and is eligible to issue this certificate.