Anna Bolena is a tragic opera (tragedia lirica) in two acts composed by Gaetano Donizetti. Felice Romani wrote the Italian libretto after Ippolito Pindemonte’s. Enrico. VIII, re d’Inghilterra [ ♂ ]. basso [ Filippo Galli, ♂ ]. Anna. Bolena, moglie di Enrico VIII [ ♀ ]. soprano [ Giuditta Pasta, ♀ ]. Giovanna. Seymour, damigella. Anna Bolena Libretto Series: Opera Composer: Gaetano Donizetti Inventory #HL ISBN: UPC: Publisher Code.

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Percy says that it is written in heaven that he and Anna are married. Be you the witnesses of my innocence tender friends. All gather around her. Smeaton says that it is not true, and tears open his tunic to offer his breast to the king for slaying if he is lying. The place is lit up. Anna and Percy leave between the soldiers. A rival in him. Non la man d’Enrico. May I be able to find myself close to the unhappy ones, O Heaven. He’s been enclosed with them for a whole hour. Have you not forgotten me?

If only I had never offered you those deadly oaths which doomed me; to expiate them, O Sire I will go into a remote exile where no living glance may reach where no one may hear the sound of my sighs but Heaven.

Rochefort, Smeton and Percy go to meet them and indicating Ann exclaim: Percy asks if it is true that the Queen is unhappy and that the King has changed. Anna Bolena – To you, Supreme Judge, the sentence is committed.


Dear Percy, sorrow has not so changed you that I was not quick to recognise you. The leading female characters of the latter three operas are often referred to as “the Three Donizetti Queens. Anna goes back into her rooms. Smeaton and Percy are about to fight. Dear Percy, sorrow has not so changed you that I was not quick to recognise you. Giovanna ritorna dagli appartamenti della Regina. The Chorus stop at a distance. All’infelice appresso poss’io trovarmi, o cielo.

After such a long exile, breathing the ancient airs and the native skies are sweet to every heart but bitter to mine.

This which I took he reveals a portrait in his breast her beloved image, I must return before my boldness is discovered, one more kiss, a kiss, beloved countenance…Farewell beauty which rested on my heart, and which seemed to beat with my heart Ah! O my faithful ones, o the only ones who remain as consolation to me in my misfortune, every hope, it is true, is placed in Heaven and in it alone…On earth there is no remedy for my ruin. Il Coro si arrestain lontananza. The guards present themselves.

Rochefort answers that love is never content. By how many adverse evil fates is the English throne afflicted. Ogni tempesta ria in te s’acquieta, e vien bolea te mia luce.

Anna Bolena – Gaetano Donizetti – Libretto in Italian with translation in English –

His smile is deceptive, precursor of fury. I tremble to say it… yet say it I must. What do I hear! May England never hear again of the wicked destruction which was brought on Anna. They bid each other farewell and leave between the soldiers.


Anna Bolena

I hate her now bolwna that she thus afflicts you, and troubles you. Il lacrimar non giova; fuggi lontan da me. In questo mentre gli si presenta Anna inmezzo alle sue damigelle.

The horns give the signal of the hunt. Henry enters into the Counsel chamber. Oh, how swiftly the lightening descends on her head! They want to throw themselves at each other.

Anna Bolena – Wikipedia

Hervey anja gli sceriffi che portano la sentenza del Consiglio, accorrono da tutte le parti cortigiani e dame. Have you respected the royal rank? But after my death I will one day be exculpated and absolved. Why don’t you tune your harp? Prende la sentenza dalle mani delli sceriffi. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Ah, what proof you give to me of your generous heart! After such librteto long exile, breathing the ancient airs and the native skies are sweet to every heart but bitter to mine.

It was Anna, in fact….