All characters from the Gaia setting of Anima: Beyond Fantasy go here. Empress Elisabetta Barbados The current sovereign of the Empire, Elisabetta is both . Anima: Beyond Fantasy (ABF) has an interesting setting. It doesn’t match your typical Tolkien fantasy setting. One of the big key points to bring. Anima Gate of Memories is an action RPG set in the Anima Beyond Fantasy world featuring a deep compelling story and exciting game play.

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After his abima, his other disciples were able to conquer the ancient empire and divide it into sub-kingdoms, using the Church to provide a unifying factor for humanity. Additionally you will have direct contact with the development teams and may propose anything that comes to mind for your pledge. This section may contain an excessive amount of intricate detail that may interest only a particular audience.

Executive Producer anlma Moreā€¦ – For pledging at this exemplary level you will be featured in the credits as the Executive Producer.

Anima: Beyond Fantasy by Carlos B. Garcia Aparicio

Pkdragon rated it really liked it Jul 07, Be prepared for an experience. In an age of conflict, two lonely souls are trapped in a labyrinth of memories and darkness. Lists with This Book. Discospider rated it liked it Jul 03, She had friendless growing up but managed to retain a positive attitude, which won her the hearts of several people, including her mentor Kisidan and the Lord of War Tadeus Van Horsman.


Agents are implanted with technology infused with magic. Check out the FAQ.

Physical God Nigh Invulnerable: Retrieved 3 June Share this project Done. This strange society was created by Elisabetta Barbados less than a month following her rise to the throne. Lucanor’s greatest rival in this regard.

Elijah Smith rated it it was amazing Nov 08, Levels add some inherent bonuses to skills and characteristics coming from the class, but mostly they give you extra D. Complete with him being birth of a virgin, having twelve Apostles one of them a sort of Mary Magdalene and other one who betrayed him for thirty coins who are much more than simply thatand at the end dying crucified and lanced with a weapon designed to kill gods the latter something unexpected by his creatorsthat marked the birth of Omega.

Several centuries before the beginning of the story, the prophet Harael Grimoire had a disturbing vision; in a near future twenty-one creatures would be the harbingers of the end of all existence.

Our Dragons Are Different: Explore the world of Gaia, meet some of its most famous inhabitants, and be introduced to three unique, original, and exciting games each set beyond fantasy in the world of Anima!

The card games are non-collectible, and meant to be played with three to four five with expansionhowever two can play but gameplay is not as dynamic. Retrieved 10 June Has this as far as the Powers in the Shadow are concerned.


This is quite some time from now, but we wanted to be sure that we are going to be able to do things well. The human brain is better at subtracting 5 from 23 than it is subtracting 80 from and then comparing it to to see if the master ranger finds the master thief hiding in the woods.

Possess absolutely no supernatural powers as far as we know, but his intelligence and influence alone makes him one of the biggest players in Gaia.

The Heaven Order

Villain with Good Publicity: Ark of Sinners Review”. The original English edition of Shadow of Omega was re-released with errata and a new card material to match future releases. It’s also Word of God that the members of the Giovanni dinasty were increasing their power as generations passed on. The Angel Up to Eleven: There’s ancient technology from a lost empire.

Her ascension to the throne fractured the Empire for various reasons, not least of which was her father’s actions before his death. Plus you will receive 3 free downloads of the game, each with their own unleashed book code, 2 t-shirts, the art poster, the game soundtrack, your name will appear in the credits and you will get the HD computer wallpapers!

Wallpaper – Thank you for your support!