Our study evaluates the performance of Böhler’s angle (BA) and the crucial Ângulo de Böhler: comparação entre o pré e pós‐operatório nas. 14 demonstraram que artigos sobre o AB têm mostrado boa confiabilidade intraobservador. Ângulo de Böhler: comparação entre o pré e pós‐operatório nas. Ângulo de Böhler: comparação entre o pré e pós‐operatório nas fraturas intra‐ articulares desviadas do calcanhar. Article. Full-text available. Jun

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Please login to add comment. A gold standard treatment for articular cartilage injuries is yet to be found, and a cost-effective and predictable large animal model is needed to bridge the gap between in vitro studies and clinical studies.

CT imaging of intra- articular calcaneal fractures involving the bouler facet was available for review. This experimental study involved the use of 50 male adult Lewis rats.

In all cases fresh cancellous bone autograft was used after cleaning of the fracture site. Discontinuous articular surface were seen in 15 cases, reticular surface collapse in 1, gas density in 3 and fluid-fluid plane in 1.

There was no significant difference in infratemporal fossae depth, as well as in diverse measurements in maxilla and in mandibular lenght.

A range of fluorescent solutes fluorescein isothiocyanate, 4 and 40kDa dextrans, insulin, and chondroitin sulfate and an X-ray contrast agent sodium iodide were used. City of Villa do Conde. Fifteen of the patients were high-level athletes soccer: A anatomical healing of tuberosities and B without anatomical healing of tuberosities. Moreover, the use of soluble growth factors to enhance the bioactivity and dd capacity of biomaterials has recently been adopted by researchers in the field of tissue engineering.


Chondrocytes were cultured in vitro from cartilage harvested from the knee joints of a New Zealand White rabbit.

Whether these future intra- articular therapies will provide clinically meaningful benefits, remains unknown. The humeral models were mounted on an aluminum scapula, with leather straps simulating the rotator cuff tendons, and submitted to bending and torsion tests in a universal testing machine, using relative stiffness as an evaluation parameter.

The optimal protocols and available spin-echo sequences in present day practice are reviewed in context of common pathologies of articular cartilage. The three main objectives of this study were: The aim of the study is the investigation and comparison of frequency and type of extra- articular manifestations in a well defined community based cohort of patients with seropositive and seronegative rheumatoid arthritis.

In the case of IGF-I, gene therapy or protein therapy appear to be viable options. Endogenous versus exogenous growth factor regulation of articular chondrocytes. The social and economic cost of proximal femoral fractures is high, due the morbidity and mortality relating to the fracture itself, among other factors.

Isolated bilateral first rib fractures without major thoracic trauma are rarely described in the literature. No joint spaces were abnormal. Group I – Stable fractures, good prognosis; Group II – potentially unstable fractures, commonly treated by surgical methods.

Accordingly, this highlights the potential of using such properties to direct the lineage towards which such cells follow. Fractures of the articular processes of the cervical spine. Effect of daidzein on intra articular adhesion was estimated by visual score through macroscopic examination, histopathology study, hydroxyproline content, fibroblast and collage density.


Twelve able-bodied subjects walked for 30 minutes on a lower-body positive pressure treadmill during three sessions: Secretion of this cartilage-specific marker was further reduced by the addition of bFGF.

Automatic quantification of local and global articular cartilage surface curvature.

Calcaneus Fractures

Recent advances in imaging strategies for native and postoperative articular cartilage open up an entirely new approach in management of cartilage-related pathologies. Intra- articular chondroma of the knee. A secondary purpose was to determine how decreased BW influenced cardiovascular response due to walking.

The data indicate that in the two different repair mechanisms, age differences are found with resting but not dividing chondrocytes. Cross sectional descriptive study. PEG solutions delayed the rise in the friction coefficient relative to the PBS control, but did not reduce the equilibrium value.

Böhler angle | Radiology Reference Article |

The average age at the time of the fracture was 38,9 years 12 – 76 years. Abgulo articular injection of LPS elicited a marked synovitis resulting in lameness The objective of this study was to use anthropometric methods and physiological energy-expenditure values to assess changes in body composition during hospitalization, in elderly patients admitted for fractures of the proximal femur.

Based in previous biomechanical study ten horses had iatrogenic metacarpal fractures reduced by external bone fixation.