The Amsco Examiner 10 has been designed for veterinary clinics and emergency rooms. The brilliant intensity allows for accurate diagnosis and treatment. Find great deals for Steris AMSCO Examiner 10 Surgical Light Lighting System Z. Shop with confidence on eBay!. The Amsco Examiner 10 designed for physician offices, clinics, emergency rooms, r~ursing homes, and veterinarian offices illuminates with brilliant intensity for.

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The stand supports the lighthead suspension arm. Each lighting fixture meets applicable requirements of the following listings and standards, and carries the appropriate symbol: The vertical tube may be cut to length to suit various ceiling heights. The swivel allows the yoke to be maneuvered through a wide range of positions. With this type of mounting, the lighthead may masco extended, or, when not in use, the lighthead folds close to the wall.

One extra lamp is furnished with each fixture. Mobile floor units are equipped with a 20′ mm power cord to provide more area coverage.


The upper end of the vertical tube is welded to a steel ceiling plate. A brushedaluminum cover is furnished to conceal the plate.

The lighthead suspension arm slips into a casting on the lower end of the vertical tube and is secured by a close-fitting hinge pin.

The stand is affixed to a sturdy metal base having ball-bearing casters with neoprene wheels. Mobile floor stand fixtures are provided with a vertical stand. Open the catalog to page 3. State-of-the-art design — watt, quartz-halogen lamp rated at hours and dichroic, coated, parabolic reflector. Optional 14″ mm extension available to maximize reach. Easy lamp replacement – no tools are amco.

The Online Medical Device Exhibition.

Steris AMSCO Examiner 10 Surgical Light Lighting System Z

Reproduction in whole or in part by any party other than a Customer is prohibited. Related Searches Ultrasonic bath Washing tunnel Surgical head-light Surgical sink Exakiner cupboard Automatic sterilizer Universal operating table Compact sterilizer High-capacity sterilizer Electro-hydraulic operating table Endoscopy display Orthopedic operating table Surgical camera Mobile sterilizer Medical sterilizer Medical imaging display Cabinet with door Trolley washer-disinfector Sterilizer 3D display.


The stand is 67″ mm high with a 34″ mm base. Smooth, exact positioning – without drifting, accomplished by using positioning ring on the lighthead outer cover. Glare-reducing construction – glare is blocked by a retro- reflector positioned so as not to interfere with examier light pattern.

AMSCO® Examiner® 10 Examination Lighting System | Service Parts – US

Open the catalog to page 2. Wall-mounted fixtures are furnished with a predrilled mounting bracket assembly.

Open the catalog to page 4. The lighthead is mounted in a movable yoke attached by a swivel to a spring-balanced suspension arm assembly. The diffuser smooths, blends and directs the light to the examination site. The cold mirror passes a majority of the a,sco from the lamp up through the vented lighthead cover, away from the examination site.